Where is Charles Richard Drew from?

Where is Charles Richard Drew from?

Washington, D.C., United States
Charles R. Drew/Place of birth

Who was Charles Drew and what did he do?

Charles Richard Drew, the African American surgeon and researcher who organized America’s first large-scale blood bank and trained a generation of black physicians at Howard University, was born in Washington, DC, on June 3, 1904.

Where did Charles r.drew go to medical school?

In 1966, the Charles R. Drew Postgraduate Medical School was incorporated in California and was named in his honor. This later became the Charles R. Drew University of Medicine and Science. Charles Drew Health Foundation, East Palo Alto, California, 1960s-2000, was the community’s only clinic for decades.

How many children did Charles r.drew have?

While attending a conference in April 1939, Drew met Minnie Lenore Robbins, a professor of home economics at Spelman College in Atlanta. They married in September of that year, and had three daughters and a son. (The eldest daughter, Bebe, born in 1940, was named for the blood bank–BB–project her father was immersed in at the time.)

When did Charles r.drew become Director of the Red Cross?

Out of Drew’s work, he was appointed director of the first American Red Cross Blood Bank in February 1941. The blood bank being in charge of blood for use by the U.S. Army and Navy, he disagreed with the exclusion of the blood of African-Americans from plasma-supply networks.

What was Charles Drew early life like?

Early life and education. Drew was born in 1904 into an African-American middle-class family in Washington, D.C. His father, Richard, was a carpet layer and his mother, Nora Burrell, trained as a teacher. Drew and three of his four younger siblings grew up in Washington’s largely middle-class and interracial Foggy Bottom neighborhood.

What are facts about Dr Charles Drew?

Charles Drew Occupation: Doctor and Scientist Born: June 3, 1904 in Washington, D.C. Died: April 1, 1950 Burlington, North Carolina Best known for: Research into the storage of blood and large-scale blood banks

What are some interesting facts about Charles Drew?

Interesting Facts about Dr. Charles Drew. The USNS Charles Drew , a cargo ship for the US Navy, was named after him. His parents taught him early to always do the best he could do. They often repeated the saying “Dream high” when talking about his career goals and aspirations. He married Lenore Robbins in 1939.They had four children together. The…

What are facts about Charles Drew?

Charles Richard Drew was born on June 3, 1904, in Washington, D.C. He was an African-American physician who developed ways to process and store blood plasma in “blood banks.”.