What do diabetics eat the day before a colonoscopy?

What do diabetics eat the day before a colonoscopy?

Generally, the day before the test, you’ll only be able to have clear liquids. These include water, tea, coffee, clear juices and broths, gelatin, and sports drinks. Work with your diabetes doctor on how best to manage carbohydrate as you prepare for the test.

Can you have a colonoscopy if you have diabetes?

If low blood sugar persists, contact your health provider for guidance. Bring the last 12 hours of your blood sugar record with you to your colonoscopy test. Bring your diabetes supplies, such as glucose tablets or other sugar source, with you to the colonoscopy test.

Is Sugar Free Gatorade OK for colonoscopy prep?

Do NOT eat any solid foods. The clear liquids you can drink include: Water, apple, or white grape juice; fat free broth; coffee or tea (without milk or creamer); clear carbonated beverages such as ginger ale or lemon-lime soda; Gatorade® or other sports drinks (not red); Kool-Aid® or other flavored drinks (not red).

Should metformin be stopped before a colonoscopy?

Generally, if you take: Metformin, your doctor may have you stop taking it 48 hours before and after your colonoscopy. Diabetes medicine other than insulin, your doctor may have you stop taking your medicine on the morning of the test.

What was the first time I had a colonoscopy?

First time colonoscopy – not so bad! Posted 9 years ago, 13 users are following. Hi, I had a colonoscopy for the first time today and I was a little bit nervous about the procedure to say the least!

When to call your doctor for a colonoscopy?

Call your doctor right away if you have any of the following: American Cancer Society. Mayo Clinic, “Colonoscopy.” Harvard Health Publications, “Preparing for a colonoscopy.” © 2018 WebMD, LLC. All rights reserved.

Are there any side effects of a colonoscopy?

Make sure you understand the instructions you get before you go home. You may need to avoid certain medicines, such as blood thinners, for a while if your doctor did a biopsy or removed any polyps. Bleeding and puncture of the colon are rare but possible problems in a colonoscopy.

Do you need to change your diet before a colonoscopy?

To achieve this you will need to alter your diet and take specific preparations for a few days before the procedure. These changes are explained in this leaflet.

Can a diabetic have a colonoscopy in the morning?

Colonoscopy procedures for people with diabetes. Morning appointment (Moviprep®) If you answer “yes” to either of the following questions, contact the diabetic specialist nurses (DSNs) immediately for further advice – you may need to be admitted in preparation for your colonoscopy.

Can you change your diet before a colonoscopy?

Changing the diet from solid foods to clear liquids may affect blood glucose levels among diabetics, potentially causing hypoglycemia. If you have diabetes and you are taking a bowel prep before a colonoscopy, you may need to monitor your blood sugar levels more frequently and watch for the signs of hypoglycemia.

When to take insulin before or after a colonoscopy?

Check your blood sugar before meals and at bedtime on the prep day and the day of your colonoscopy. Do not take oral diabetic medications or short-acting insulin on the day of your colonoscopy. You may be told to take half the usual dose of your long-acting insulin on the day of your colonoscopy.

What to bring to a colonoscopy for diabetes?

Plan on bringing your blood sugar meter and test strips with you to the test. Also, have glucose tablets or other quick sugar food with you in case your blood sugar drops too low. If you take insulin or other medicine for diabetes, your doctor will give you exact instructions about how to take your medicines.