Is Avelox The Right Antibiotic For Your Bacterial Infection

Is Avelox The Right Antibiotic For Your Bacterial Infection

A bacterial infection commonly causes illnesses such as Pneumonia, meningitis, and food poisoning, and it can lead to death if not treated correctly. Nowadays, there is nothing to worry since we have medication for, which is the antibiotics. It stops the overgrowth of bacteria that causes infection, there are different types of antibiotic, and each of them has various purposes.

So it is helpful to know all the information about the medicine you need to take. If you are prescribed by your doctor to take Avelox, you must understand how it works in healing you. I have gone ahead and gather everything about this medicine and let us find out if it will work effectively to you.

What is Avelox?

It is an antibiotic that relates to a class of drug called quinolone, and it stops the rapid production of bacteria that causes diseases to a body. People mistakenly use this medicine to cure virus infection such as common cold or flu, but it should not work effectively for that.

Avelox comes in the form of a tablet, and the shape is elongated, the color is dull red and has an imprint of M400, Bayer. Good thing you can get it at a lower price by using Avelox coupon. If prescribed to take this medicine, you must complete its full course even if the infection is already cured. Stopping at the middle of the course may reduce the effectivity of the medication and may cause resistance.

How to Take Avelox?

Upon purchasing the medicine, you will find a medication guide included to the package, and you must read that correctly. If the information is unclear, make sure to ask your doctor or pharmacist about it. Avelox is taken orally with or without food depends on your doctor’s prescription.

The dosage and how long you will take medicine will depend on your medical condition how does your body responses to the drug. If you have to take another type of medication, wait at least four hours before taking it, to avoid interactions of medicine that can lessen the effectivity of the drug. Make it a habit to tell your doctor about your medical history like allergies to medication to avoid worsening your complication.

Know Side Effects of Taking Avelox

No matter how uncomfortable you are with these side effects, your doctor prescribed this medicine because it has more significant benefits than the side effects. Upon taking Avelox, you may feel dizziness, nausea, experience diarrhea, lightheadedness, headaches, trouble in sleeping, and weakness.

To avoid any complications, make sure to tell your doctor are unusual feeling like severe fever, signs of kidney problems, stomach pain, or persistent vomiting. It is essential to call your doctor right away if you feel any severe side effects.

Take Note of the Precautions

To make sure your safety while taking this medicine, you have to remember what are the dos and donts of this drug. Taking this medicine may cause an allergic reaction or any complications.

Before using this medication, inform your doctor or pharmacist your medical history, in particular: diabetes, heart problems such as latest heart attacks, joint/tendon issues such as tendonitis, bursitis, liver disease, mental / mood disorders such as anxiety, myasthenia gravis, nerve problems such as peripheral neuropathy, seizure disorder, circumstances that boost your likelihood of seizures.

Moxifloxacin can trigger a heart rhythm-influencing disease. Extension of QT can rarely trigger a severe, rarely deadly rapid/irregular heartbeat and other symptoms such as severe dizziness, fainting) that need immediate medical attention.

This medicine can make you dizzy. Do not drive, use the equipment, or conduct any activity that needs alertness until you are confident that you can securely perform such operations. Limit drinks with alcohol. You may be more susceptible to the sun with this medication. Limit your sun time. Avoid tanning sunlamps and booths. Use sunscreen and wear outdoor protective clothing. If you get sunburned, tell your physician immediately.


Most of the antibiotics work to everyone but there are instances that the medicine we take is not working simply because of compatibility. It can help if you will look for a medicine that suits you. Learn what are the side effects and precautions of the drug and evaluate your self if you can manage the symptoms, if not you may inform your doctor right away so that they can give you other options.

In taking antibiotics always follow the correct way of taking it and finish the whole course to avoid worsening the infection. Make it a habit to share your medical experiences with your doctor because they can help you to manage it.