Most Used Payment Methods in Online Casinos 2022

Online casinos accept lots of payment methods. This is so that as many people as possible can join and play slots, table games and jackpot games for real money. The list of accepted payment methods varies from one casino to the next. The following are the most popular ones.

Credit and Debit Cards

The most widely used bank cards are Visa and Mastercard. These are accepted at practically every online casino. The only gambling sites that don’t accept them are crypto casinos, where only cryptocurrencies can be used.


The advantage of using debit/credit cards is that they’re widely accepted and are very secure and reliable payment methods. Deposits are quick, however, for withdrawals, there’s usually a wait of a few working days or so. Another disadvantage is that credit cards are no longer allowed at online casinos in the UK. This is to prevent people from gambling with money they don’t have.

Electronic Wallets

Also known as e-wallets, these are very popular at online casinos because of their fast withdrawal speeds. Once a casino has processed a withdrawal request, if you’re using an e-wallet, it should take just a few hours or less for your money to reach you. Some of the most common e-wallets are PayPal, Skrill and Neteller.


Be aware that deposits made with Skrill or Neteller may not qualify for bonuses at some casinos. It’s recommended that before you sign up to a casino, you check that the payment method you want to use qualifies for bonuses.

Bank Wire Transfers

These are available at nearly all online casinos. When you initiate a bank wire transfer, the money is transferred directly from your bank account to the casino’s account. The money is protected on both ends by the banks and their security systems. This particular payment method is as direct as can be, which appeals to many online gamblers.


Even though bank wire transfers are simple, direct and safe, some gamblers don’t like them because of their relatively slow transaction speeds. There’s also the fact that your bank account is involved in the payment.


A cryptocurrency is an entirely digital currency that’s created for the internet. It’s not tied to any sort of bank or financial institution. Bitcoin was the first to come online, and even though thousands are being used today, Bitcoin remains the most popular. Other commonly used ones include Ethereum, Tether and Litecoin.


Many online gamblers prefer using cryptocurrencies because they’re not connected to banks, and the fact that they offer complete privacy and anonymity. They can be highly volatile with sudden and dramatic changes in value, but this doesn’t stop many people from using them. A growing number of casinos accept them.


These are among the most common types of payment methods accepted at online casinos. If you use one of these, you should have no problems finding a top-rated casino where you can gamble for real money. Remember to check transaction limits, processing times and fees, as these vary from one casino to the next.