Reasons To Adopt ITILv4 in Your Organization: Take a Look

Reasons To Adopt ITILv4 in Your Organization: Take a Look

In organizations, there are various processes and functions that occur on a daily basis. So, it is completely natural if there is an error in processes. As an advanced solution to any kind of error, the organization comes up with the service desk.

The service desk only needed when there is anything wrong in the organization such as software expires, computer in the organization goes down, server failure during important release or event, anything unwanted over the server that shouldn’t be there. Such a problem leads to a devastating end result.

It will be a lot calmer if the system, hardware, servers in your organization work properly. If nothing goes well, then it will be really frustrating for you sitting at the receiving end. And realizing that “it lacks processes which might ensure that such errors might occur as rarely as possible.

The second thing you are more frustrated with the fact that there will be no set of steps that you can follow to handle the situations. In such situations, having a damage-control is as important as ensuring that it never happens.

So, this why your organization must implement the IT Infrastructure Library. And if you are an IT professional then pursuing an ITILv4 certification will assist you to gain every understanding of the IT infrastructure. Once you get certified, it will boost your career opportunities.

“Implementation of ITIL is not the entire story.”

As per the report of Gartner, after implementation of ITIL clients have experienced an increase in customer satisfaction regarding IT services. Also, experience better information flow and communication among clients and IT staff cost reduction in developing procedures and enterprise within practices.

In another survey, it is seen that more than 80 percent of businesses have experienced improvement in their organizational service quality and productivity. But also there is a long explanation regarding ITIL bringing in your organization and also about its importance.

So, here are the ways in which ITILv4 will help your organization:

  • Working with Partners become Easy

The flat world theory of “Thomas Friedman” was actually a reality even before business without edges and internet which means having selling and purchasing of products from vendors across the continents on different times.

This simply indicates that a common support platform and quality allow you to work tandemly in an easier manner, especially when all are following a similar approach to service and support quality same as you do.

As the business is becoming fully dependent upon the internet and technology, a common framework vanishes the requirement of learning cycles which are lengthy, require hard work and time-consuming.

  • It makes Service Desk Task clear

Manhours get compromised when individuals have to wait for the things which are not the responsibility of internal helpdesk and employees are not supposed to blame for this as they have no idea about it.

But, when the things are made fully transparent via the system, and complete information is provided, users and employees get a clear idea exactly where they need to go and for what. As this much clarity, This much clarity helps in making various things easier.

It saves time, cost and also increases productivity.

  • Scaling becomes easier

One of the biggest advantages of IT Infrastructure Library implementation in the business organization is that while you scale, the systems and infrastructure does not get compromised.  The biggest issue faced by SMBs internally is that their processes and systems do not grow with them and that results in the growth of pang which drastically affects everything in the organization.

If our dependency over the system and hardware is considerable, the possibility of chaos becomes higher. So, to mitigate this possibility ITIL-aligned service desk is the right selection; as it eliminates redundancy, strengthen the central processes, and remarkably improve utilization of resources. Surely, the mental peace that comes along with it, is the bonus.

  • Improves QoS (quality-of-service)

Each organization desires there internal operations must be clean, dynamic and fast. But they can only involve excel sheets and lists to keep up with work. That’s why the implementation of ITILv4 will guide you away from primitive software and hardware managerial practices which bring stagnant in organization thoughts and execution.

  • Improves floor efficiency
  • With developments in service quality, resolution timeframes and smooth functioning of entire processes; ITIL deployed organizations are more productive and efficient if compared to an organization that runs on random blueprints.

    If there are smoother processing and proactive support, then it means minimal delays and downtime. It keeps users, clients, and employees happy. With increasing demands of customers for less, and the rapid increase in global competitiveness. Efficiency is not something on which we should focus on, because it’s already there; and here ITIL is the only solution to end it.

    The past two decades have to experience IT Infrastructure Library adoption by the world’s biggest organizations. It is because they have noticed the advantages of adopting the framework. The framework simplifies the management of the business interests across various product lines, employees and branches around the world in every major city.

    Here are some facts related to ITIL:

    • P & G publicly contribute $ 125 million in IT cost savings per year to adopt ITIL, which makes up about 10% of its annual budget.
    • Shell Oil used ITIL best practices while improving its global desktop PC integration project, potentially saving 6000 man-day work days and $ 5 million.
    • VISA reduced the event resolution time by at least 75%. ITIL implementation by Sallie Mae’s results in a reduction in length of the help desk calls by 40% and improve the rate of first-call resolution to two- year.

    At last, if you are an employer who runs a small, medium or large scale organization without implementing ITIL. Then, you need to understand that there are large organizations (shown in facts) with wide complexities but still they are gaining success by embracing ITIL. So, you can take an idea that how ITIL can automate and simplify your organizational processes and make your organization stand with rest world.

    Don’t worry, if you are an employee because the implementation of IT Infrastructure Library in any organization is not possible without an ITIL expert. Not only implementation but also any maintenance or upgradation is also done under an expert. So, choose a good and updated ITILv4 course that provides you understanding about ITIL from it origin and makes you ITIL certified Expert.