How to Copy Text from Scanned Documents Using Online OCR Tools

We all know that the biggest annoyance for any sector is to keep the data record safe. It takes a lot of time and requires manual effort if you save your record in physical documents. The chances are higher that your documents might get stolen or damaged. This could land you in big trouble. Moreover, there might be a possibility that you have a lot of textual data in the form of images, and if you are asked to edit that, it would stress you. It is because manually copying data from every image will consume too much time.

Thanks to OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technology. Now you can extract textual data from images without any manual effort. In this post, we will discuss OCR technology, how it works, and some best online OCR tools. Let’s get started!

OCR Technology: An Excellent Approach to Retrieve Textual Data

OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technology is a technique used to extract data from images instantly. It is usually operated in public sectors like business, legislation, and medicine to extract data from images to save a record that is easy to share and edit. The technology detects characters based on two algorithms, i.e., pattern recognition and feature detection. In pattern recognition, OCR programs are installed with different fonts and formats that compare and recognize characters inside the desired file. These characters are then converted into codes which are used for data processing. The hardware and software involved in the processing change the documents into machine-readable text. Following that, you can easily copy the extracted textual data and use that as per your requirements.

There might be a query in your mind about which online OCR tools are the best to use. There is not any need to figure out that yourself. Following are a few of the best utilities that are available online.


This image to text converter allows you to extract editable text from any image in a few clicks. All you need to do is upload the image on this image to text converter and click the Convert to Text button. The utility will process the image and provide textual data in a few seconds. The utility supports different image formats, including JPEG, PNG, and JPG. The online image to text converter doesn’t restrict you from creating an account to use this. You can convert as many pictures into the text as you desire without restrictions.


This is another excellent tool that provides you with a fast and free image to text conversion. The super-friendly interface of this online picture to text converter makes it no uphill task for beginners to retrieve textual information from images. Moreover, multi-system support and a simple-to-understand method of converting images to text make this facility the perfect option for beginners. Furthermore, there is no need to install any application or go through signup to enjoy the services of this web-based facility.

  • is a highly appreciated online platform for extracting textual information from scanned images. The facility has a unique feature that enables you to rotate your pictures which makes it highly useful when your image is skewed to one side. The multi-language support and fast conversion results make this web-based facility the perfect tool for text extraction from photos. Besides many other remarkable features, this tool allows users to convert images to text without paying a single penny to anyone.


Individuals who are looking for a free tool that provides reliable and quick photo to text conversion can give a try to this utility. The image to text converter by Duplichecker allows users to convert scanned images into editable text. This web-based tool supports PDF, JPG, BMP, TIFF, and GIF formats. The unambiguous layout and clear instructions on this facility enable newbies and students to extract textual information from pictures without facing any convolutions.


OCR technology is a great facility to have in the contemporary digital world, where a vast amount of technology is involved. It combines software and hardware to convert documents into machine-readable text. This prevents you from typing, thus saving a lot of time. Therefore, use any OCR utility online, and you won’t have a vast number of documents piled on your work desk. We hope this article has enough information to guide you about this technology’s importance and its advantages.