What is procedure code 76642?

What is procedure code 76642?

Code 76642 consists of a focused ultrasound examination of the breast limited to the assessment of one or more, but not all of the elements listed in code 76641. It also includes ultrasound examination of the axilla, if performed.

What is the difference between 76641 and 76642?

Code 76641 describes a complete examination of all four quadrants of the breast and the retroareolar region; 76642 describes a limited breast ultrasound (e.g., a focused examination limited to one or more elements of 76641, but not all four).

Does Medicare cover CPT 76642?

The 2015 Medicare Physician Fee Schedule assigns a “1” bilateral indicator to both CPT codes 76641 and 76642 which means that Medicare will allow 150 percent of the standard reimbursement rate. In CPT code 76641, a complete unilateral ultrasound examination of the breast is performed.

What is the CPT code for screening breast ultrasound?

BR-1: Breast Ultrasound  Breast ultrasound (CPT® 76641: unilateral, complete OR CPT® 76642: unilateral, limited) can be used to further evaluate abnormalities found on mammogram, especially in differentiating cysts from solid lesions.

What is cpt76982?

CPT code 76982 is used for elastography ultrasound evaluation of a specific soft tissue lesion only or the first lesion in another organ, and 76983 for each additional target lesion.

Does Medicare pay for CPT code 77063?

For screening DBT examinations, CMS accepts claims that include CPT code 77063 and 77067. Please note that non-Medicare payers may follow Medicare direction and some may have their own specific coding recommendations regarding billing for DBT. (c) CMS does not recognize these specific CPT codes for 2018 DBT billing.

What is the CPT code 77049?

Group 1 Codes:


What does CPT code 77067 mean?

Screening mammography, bilateral
77067, Screening mammography, bilateral (two-view study of each breast), including CAD when performed. In a perfect world, the new CPT codes would result in uniform coding of mammography services. G0202, Screening mammography, bilateral (two-view study of each breast), including CAD when performed.

What is procedure code 77081?

Bone density dexa scan/test CPT code 77080 & 77081. CPT code 77080 & 77081 are used for coding DEXA bone density/test exam. Medical coders use ICD 10 code Z01. 820, for Screening of bone density for osteoporosis. Osteopenia and osteoporosis both are caused because of low density in bone.

How is payment calculated for CPT code 76642?

If the procedure is reported with modifier 50 or with modifiers RT and LT, the payment is based on the lower of the total actual charge for both sides or 100 percent of the fee schedule amount for a single code. 1 The 150 percent payment adjustment for bilateral procedures applies.

What does CPT 76641 stand for in ultrasound?

76641 – Ultrasound, breast, unilateral, real time with image documentation, including axilla when performed; complete. For a bilateral breast ultrasound, a modifier 50 should be added to either 76641 or 76642 to indicate a bilateral procedure.

Are there issues with the way 76642 / 76641 is processed bilaterally?

There have been lots of issues with the way 76642/76641 is processed bilaterally. Below are a couple of known issues that you may want to check to see if they could be causing a difference in what you are seeing. If you are being paid differently I would suggest checking your contracts or contact your MAC.

What are the CPT codes for breast cancer screening?

CPT/HCPCS Codes 76376, 76377, 76391, 76499, 77046, 77047, 77048, 77049 ,and S8080 Prior authorization is required in all sites of service by eviCore healthcare. Oxford continues to be responsible for decisions to

What is CPT code 76641?

The Current Procedural Terminology (CPT) code 76641 as maintained by American Medical Association, is a medical procedural code under the range – Diagnostic Ultrasound Procedures of the Chest.

What is the CPT code for bilateral ultrasound?

CPT Code For Breast Ultrasound Bilateral Bilateral breast ultrasound means ultrasound procedure is performed on both the breasts. Patient lie down on bed and a conductor gel is applied for easy movement of transducer over it. The sound waves transfer and show imaging on computer. The CPT code is 76641.

What is CPT code 76775 for?

The Current Procedural Terminology (CPT) code 76775 as maintained by American Medical Association, is a medical procedural code under the range – Diagnostic Ultrasound Procedures of the Abdomen and Retroperitoneum.

What is the CPT code for a breast MRI?

In place of 77058 and 77059, CPT® will introduce four new codes (within the range 7704X) for breast MRI, which describe: Unilateral ( MRI imaging of one breast) without contrast. Unilateral (MRI imaging of one breast) with contrast. Bilateral (MRI imaging of both breasts) without contrast.