How do you indicate the end of a document?

How do you indicate the end of a document?

-30- has been traditionally used by journalists in North America to indicate the end of a story or article that is submitted for editing and typesetting.

How do I add icons to Excel 2016?

Excel 2016 : “To insert an icon go to the Insert tab of the ribbon and under the Illustrations tab choose Icons.”

How is an icon created?

Icons are religious images painted on wooden panels, typically made of linden or pine wood. An outline of the composition is incised on the gesso with the point of a needle, often based on an icon-painting manual. To prepare tempera paints, mineral pigments are mixed with water and egg yolk.

How do I read icons?

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How are icons used in worship?

Icons are created to represent Biblical events, the people of the Bible, and the saints and if they were too realistic, the concern is that they would be confused with idols, which is defined as an “object of worship” according to Webster’s Dictionary. Icons aren’t to be worshipped, they simply serve as reminders.

What are religious icons used for?

Icons are considered an essential part of the church and are given special liturgical veneration. They serve as mediums of instruction for the uneducated faithful through the iconostasis, a screen shielding the altar, covered with icons depicting scenes from the New Testament, church feasts, and popular saints.

How much are Russian icons worth?

CONDITION: The greater the damage or restoration, the lesser the value. Common or average icons from the late 19th to early 20th centuries in various states of condition are readily available from $200-$700 each.