Did you get mad or something?

Did you get mad or something?

Both are perfectly correct. Both sentences are somewhat colloquial, “…or something” is less slangy than “…or what”. Both are “correct”. The first means “Are you mad, or does something else explain your bizarre behaviour?” while the second means “Are you mad?

Are you mad on me means?

It means they are wondering if you are still irritated or angry at them for whatever they did to offend you. It can also mean that they are confused by your demeanor or statement or actions.

Did I make you mad meaning?

To make one very angry, irritated, or vexed.

Why are you mad meaning?

U mad? is a slang phrase used to taunt and push the buttons of someone who is already angry or upset.

What does Mad feel like?

constantly feeling impatient, irritated, and hostile. arguing with others often, and getting angrier in the process. being physically violent when you’re angry. threatening violence to people or their property.

How does a mad person behave?

Mad-mad people, no longer completely bad-mad, are basically angry. They often cause harm to themselves as well as to others. They usually deny and evade responsibility, blaming their suffering on other people (or God). They can be reasoned with only when they learn to trust you.

Does Mad mean angry?

Mad meaning “enraged, angry” has been used since 1400, and this sense is a very common one. Because some teachers and usage critics insist that the only correct meaning of mad is “mentally disturbed, insane,” mad is often replaced by angry in formal contexts: The president is angry at Congress for overriding his veto.

Are you mad best reply?

“Yes, I am angry right now.” If you’re not angry, then you could say, “No, I’m not mad.” Then you could tell them what you’re really feeling — sad, excited, anxious, annoyed, etc.

How do you make someone mad without doing anything?

Just stand there calmly, motionlessly and expressionlessly, stare at them. That is enough to make them mad without lowering yourself. (Remember this: you are always a better and bigger person then a bully!) Thirdly, if you want to make them really mad, say something sarcastic about the circumstances.

What is it called when you purposely make someone mad?

provoke. verb. to deliberately try to make someone angry.

What does your mad mean?

mad Add to list Share. If you’re mad about something, you’ve lost your temper. If you’ve gone mad, you’ve lost your mind. Just like it’s more common to be angry than to be insane, you’re more likely to use mad to describe someone who’s ticked off than to describe someone who has serious mental problems.

What does Mad mean in British slang?

To me, as a Brit, ‘mad’ means ‘insane’. Saying, “Are you mad at me?” should indicate an even greater state of anger than usual, such that it actually drives the person insane.

Where does the phrase ” you Mad ” come from?

Origin. The phrase “You mad, ’cause [I’m better than you]” is a dissing technique found in the context of hip hop music, with its roots in freestyle battling. The phrase can be often heard on “diss tracks” [1] or songs primarily intended to disparage or insult others (example shown below, left).

Who are the actors in Mad About You?

Mad About You: Created by Danny Jacobson, Paul Reiser, Peter Tolan. With Paul Reiser, Helen Hunt, John Pankow, Leila Kenzle. Mad About You centers on the trials and tribulations of a married couple living in New York.

What does you mad cause I’m Better Than you Mean?

Due to the agitating nature of the phrase, it is often considered a form of trolling. The phrase “You mad, ’cause [I’m better than you]” is a dissing technique found in the context of hip hop music, with its roots in freestyle battling.

How to know if someone is mad at you?

A person may also seek reassurance from a third party. For instance, one may ask one’s friend, relative, or partner questions such as “Do you think ____ is mad at me?” or “Was it okay that I said/did that?”