Woven Rugs Are Again Stealing The Limelight

Woven Rugs Are Again Stealing The Limelight

Woven Rugs Are Again Stealing The Limelight

Everyone tries to go the extra mile when it comes to the art of home décor. A classy home décor itself speaks of the taste of its residents. From well-lit chandeliers to the flower vase resting on the center table of your living room, every detail counts a lot.

What’s Trending These Days?

These days a mix of modern and classy home décor is in vogue. People are going gaga over colorful hand-woven rugs that are surely stealing the limelight once again.

Let us share with you the details of some of the most popular rug styles that are trending online.

  • Modern Rugs

Modern rugs are undoubtedly top of the list nowadays. From their vibrant colors to abstract patterns and unique digital prints, everything is making them stand out of the rest. A modern rug is surely a thing to spend on since it instantly adds beauty and charm to your room giving it an exquisite touch. This is the most popular style among the people who love to shop rugs online. Even though these are sometimes quite heavy on the pocket, these are the buyer’s first choice.

  • Casual Rugs

This is the second most searched rug style among the people who tend to shop rugs online. People who have got a thing for home décor but try not to go out of budget mostly opt for buying casual rugs online. These rugs are a little easy on the pocket as compared to the modern rugs but are very well-known for their ability to stand the test of time. Their bold colors, muted floral prints and subtle neutral hues instantly define the elegance of your space.

  • Braided Rugs

Braided rugs are preferred by people who are crazy about the old classy American home décor. These rugs might not be in trend these days but are still searched by quite a lot of people whenever they shop for rugs online. These are best known for their durability and commonly used outside your bathing area. Whether it is made out of a towel like material or rope, a braided rug never fails to add class to your space.

  • Traditional Rugs

Traditional rugs are still in use in view of their ability to grace up your dining and seating areas. Their elaborate borders, flower and grapevine motifs and ornamental sort of prints go best with their rich color textures in gold and navy. They are sometimes also known as Persian rugs and mostly made of silk, cotton or wool. These are also one of the most searched rug styles online.

  • Moroccan Rugs

As their name suggests, these rugs originated in Morocco are made of wool or cotton. Their furry texture is known to add a plush look to your space. Buyers mostly tend to buy this type of rugs because of their warm and mysterious looks. These are best known to enhance the looks of your living room and bedrooms.