Why is there no cure for bipolar disorder?

Why is there no cure for bipolar disorder?

To date, scientists have neither identified the actual cause of bipolar disorder nor found a cure. The longer answer is more complicated than this, however. Although bipolar disorder has no cure, people with the condition can experience long periods during which they are free of symptoms.

Is there a cure for Bipolar II disorder?

A regimen of medication and preventative measures like adequate sleep and regular exercise can keep bipolar episodes to a minimum. A combination of medication including mood balancers, a healthy lifestyle that avoids non-medical drugs and alcohol, and cognitive and behavioral therapy is the most effective form of lifelong bipolar treatment.

When is bipolar most curable when it isn’t bipolar?

bipolar is most curable when it isn’t bipolar. Submitted by Kyle Arnold, PhD on July 2, 2012 – 12:42pm. There is actually a very effective and total cure that works for many people diagnosed for bipolar disorder: get a second opinion and a new diagnosis.

What kind of medication can you take for bipolar disorder?

Mood stabilizers, such as lithium. Atypical antipsychotics, such as quetiapine, which can treat both manic and depressive episodes and help maintain a stable mood. Antidepressants, although not everyone with bipolar disorder responds well to antidepressants. These drugs may trigger manic episodes in some people.

What do you need to know about bipolar disorder?

Depending on your needs, treatment may include: Medications. Often, you’ll need to start taking medications to balance your moods right away. Continued treatment. Bipolar disorder requires lifelong treatment with medications, even during periods when you feel better.

What is the most effective treatment for bipolar disorder?

The most effective treatment for bipolar disorder is a combination of medication and psychotherapy. Most people take more than one drug, like a mood-stabilizing drug and an antipsychotic, benzodiazepine, or antidepressant.

Can we cure bipolar disorder naturally?

Valerian root is the best natural remedy on how to treat bipolar disorder because of its sedative property. It is also known to prevent anxiety, sleep deprivation and mood disorder. You can find this herb available in the market in forms of tea bags, capsules and dried valerian root.

How to Cure my Bipolar Disorder on my own?

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    Can a person be cured of bipolar disorder?

    There’s no cure for bipolar disorder, but treatments can help. Standard treatments, such as prescription medications and therapy, can help a person manage their mood changes and other symptoms. Researchers continue to look into other treatment options as well, including medical marijuana.