Why has my belly button gone red?

Why has my belly button gone red?

Yeast infection Yeast can also take up residence in your belly button, especially if you don’t keep it clean and dry. Candidiasis in your belly button causes a red, itchy rash on your belly button and may also cause a thick, white discharge.

Why is it inappropriate to show your belly button?

The public exposure of the male and female midriff and bare navel has been taboo at times in Western cultures, being considered immodest or indecent. It is also inappropriate to wear clothing that reveals the midriff in professional settings like places of work.

Are navel stones harmful?

Are Navel Stones Dangerous? The navel stone itself isn’t a health problem or a symptom of an underlying condition. It’s just an accumulation of dirt and oil in a spot that is hard to clean. But a stone can start to irritate the skin in and around your navel.

What does the navel symbolize?

Our belly button reminds us of our initial human state – connection. For the first and most formative period of life, while you were in the womb, you were physically attached to your mother by the umbilical cord. After your birth the physical cord was cut, and when the site healed it became your belly button.

Why does my navel feel like it has stone in it?

This condition can be accompanied by bleeding especially when you have a belly button pierce. This could be a sign of yeast, fungal infection or cyst. In some cases, the navel may be filled with stone-like masses called omphalitis, which can also cause navel infection and inflammation.

What causes a red rash on the navel?

Candida is a type of yeast that commonly grows in damp, dark areas of your body. It can cause a yeast infection known as candidiasis. Along with a white discharge, candidiasis can cover your navel with an itchy, red rash.

Why is my belly button red and Itchy?

Typically, an itchy belly button results from either a rash around your navel or an infection in your navel. Some of the specific causes of an itchy belly button include: Also known as atopic dermatitis, eczema is a condition that can make the skin in and around your navel itchy and red. Treatment: There is no cure for eczema.

Why does my navel hurt and my belly button smell?

Yellow discharges from the navel hole. Pain with liquid discharge. According to a 2011 study by the North Carolina University, nearly 70 species of bacteria can potentially colonize the belly button. The navel can also be a breeding ground for fungi and other germs because of the dead skin, oil, dirt, sweat, and other debris.

What makes the inside of your belly button turn red?

The most common fungi that causes redness in the belly button region is Candida albicans that thrives in dark, moist and warm areas, explains MedGuidance. Infection in the belly button is often the result of poor hygiene habits.

Why does my navel turn red after surgery?

In addition, soap, sweat and any other substance deposited in the region, if not cleaned and removed can also contribute to infection and redness in the navel, reports Top 10 Home Remedies. Sometimes, surgeries that involve the navel can also lead to redness due to infection in the region.

Are there any problems with your belly button?

Belly Button Problems 1 Overview. Unless we experience one of these common problems, we rarely notice our belly button. 2 Discharge. Dozens of types of bacteria call your belly button home. 3 A Lump in or Near Your Belly Button. 4 A Pimple-Like Lump. 5 Redness, Heat, or Swelling Near a Belly Button Piercing.

How can you tell if your belly button is infected?

But sometimes these cysts can rupture and become infected, the Mayo Clinic says. If you have an infected epidermoid cyst lurking in your belly button, it will probably look red, feel painful, and may have a smelly yellow or green discharge, Dr. Kaminska says.