Why does the bone below my breast hurt?

Why does the bone below my breast hurt?

Costochondritis is the most common cause of sternum pain and occurs when the cartilage between the sternum and ribs becomes inflamed and irritated. Costochondritis can sometimes occur as the result of osteoarthritis but may also happen for no apparent reason.

What organ is under your breast bone in the middle?

The thymus is a small organ located just behind the breast bone (sternum) in the front part of the chest.

What is right below your breastbone?

The xiphoid process is a tiny bone structure located at the center of the chest, just below the lower part of the sternum. At birth, the xiphoid process is formed from cartilage that eventually develops into bone.

How does costochondritis feel?

Most people describe the pain as sharp, achy, and pressure-like. It usually gets worse if you breathe deeply or move your upper body. When you press on your chest, it feels tender and painful.

Is there a test for costochondritis?

While there is no laboratory or imaging test to confirm a diagnosis of costochondritis, your doctor might order certain tests — such as an electrocardiograph, X-ray, CT or MRI — to rule out other conditions.

What kind of pain is under the breast bone?

Breast bone pain is generally experienced and referred to as pain in the bone, under the breast bone or to the side of the bone. Pain might vary from severe, sharp and stabbing sensations to mild discomfort or a bruised feeling.

What causes pain on the left side of the breast?

While it typically causes a severe crushing central chest pain that is slightly to the left, sometimes it may also cause pain that may be felt below the breastbone. Excessive sweating, difficulty of breathing, left arm pain and dizziness are other symptoms. Sometime pain in the abdominal region may be due to functional gastrointestinal conditions.

Is it normal to have pain under the right breast?

While pain under the right breast has not shown to be a sign of breast cancer, there are some studies suggesting that pain that comes and goes may be an indicator of cancer. Along with the infrequent pain, there may be other signs and symptoms that lead to a breast cancer diagnosis.

Can a heart attack cause pain below the breastbone?

This is commonly known as a heart attack and the medical term is myocardial infarction. While it typically causes a severe crushing central chest pain that is slightly to the left, sometimes it may also cause pain that may be felt below the breastbone.

What causes pain under the right breast bone?

In most cases, sharp pain under your right breast could be connected with injury to a rib or the inflammation of the muscles, bones, or cartilage in the chest.

What causes breast bone area to be painful?

Other factors that may contribute to breastbone pain include excessive belching, a hiatus hernia, acute pancreatitis and stomach ulcers. Other causes may be pain due to injured ribs excessive exercising, overstraining of the abdominal or chest musculature and osteomyelitis .

What makes costochondritis worse?

Pain in the chest wall and rib cage is the chief symptom of costochondritis. Generally, the pain will get worse with activity or exercise. Taking a deep breath can also cause more pain because it stretches the inflamed cartilage.

What causes chest pain under breasts?

These trapped gases can trigger nerve pain in the stomach which is experienced as sharp pain under left breast. Heart burn. Heart burn is a common cause of chest pain, particularly beneath the left breast. It is caused by stomach acid that travels up the esophagus and irritates the esophageal mucosa.