Why do you want to become an RA?

Why do you want to become an RA?

“Being an RA teaches skills that help with anything and everything: people skills, conflict management, being responsible for other people and preparing for real life problems.” Overall, being a resident assistant is more than just a job to help pay for college and a good leadership role to put on a resume.

What does RA mean police?

English term or phrase: RA unit. Selected answer: rescue ambulance unit.

Why are police called 5 0?

1. The “Five-O” slang for police came from this television show. The series’ title actually was an homage to Hawaii being the 50th state of the U.S.A. Hawaii Five-O used the numerals as the fictional police division on the show. Over the year, the term came to be used as code for police in general.

What does R A stand for?

R/AAcronymDefinitionR/AReturn Air (air conditioning)R/ARegistered AgentR/ARadius of ActionR/AReceive/Acknowledge1 more row

What does COP stand for?

Constable on Patrol

Where does cop for police come from?

The term copper was the original, unshortened word, originally used in Britain to mean “someone who captures”. In British English, the term cop is recorded (Shorter Oxford Dictionary) in the sense of ‘to capture’ from 1704, derived from the Latin capere via the Old French caper.

What does COP stand for in math?

Coefficient of Performance