Why do schools need to use the FitnessGram?

Why do schools need to use the FitnessGram?

Students participating in the FitnessGram assessment gain a better understanding of their own health-related fitness. Schools that include the FitnessGram assessment in their physical education programs are better equipped to meet student fitness needs and teach healthy habits that will last Well. Into the Future.

Can a FitnessGram be used as a body mass index?

Although an assessment of percent body fat utilizing a bioelectric impendence device or skin-fold assessment would be ideal, practical application in schools is very difficult. Therefore, FitnessGram also provides standards for a widely-used alternative indicator of body composition known as Body Mass Index (BMI).

How are fitness zones determined in a FitnessGram?

These standards, developed by the FitnessGram Advisory Board, determine if a student is at a health risk. The goal of FitnessGram is for all children to be in the Healthy Fitness Zone in all five components. These fitness zones are based on clear potential health risks, and they take into account various age and gender differences.

What does body composition mean on a FitnessGram?

Body composition describes what part of total body weight is fat, and what part is fat free. Fat-free body weight includes bones and muscles. FitnessGram believes it is important to educate youth and parents about appropriate levels of body composition.

What do you need to know about the FitnessGram?

Fitnessgram is a comprehensive fitness assessment battery for youth. It includes a variety of health- related physical fitness tests designed to assess cardiovascular fitness, muscle strength, muscular

What are the FitnessGram standards for healthy fitness zone?

TABLE 9.1FITNESSGRAM Standards for Healthy Fitness Zone BOYS Age VO 2 max (ml · kg –1· min–1) 20-meter PACER (Enter # laps in software) 15-meter PACER (Use conversion chart; enter in software)† One-mile run (min:sec) Walk test (VO 2 max) Percent fat Body mass index 5Participation in run. Lap count standards not recommended. Completion of distance.

How does the NFL Play60 FitnessGram project help students?

The NFL Play60 FitnessGram Project proves that physically active students have improved cardio fitness, lower body mass, and improved academic performance.

What does FitnessGram by the Cooper Institute do?

For decades, FitnessGram by The Cooper Institute has set the standard of youth fitness measurement and data collection. Our research gives decision-makers at all levels the data needed to improve fitness and fight childhood obesity.