Where are Air Force hospitals located?

Where are Air Force hospitals located?


Facility Phone
9th Medical Group 15301 Warren Shingle Road Beale AFB, California 95903-1907 1-530-634-2941
David Grant USAF Medical Center 101 Bodin Circle Bldg. 777 Travis AFB, California 94535-1801 1-707-423-730

How many military hospitals are in the US?

49 hospitals/inpatient facilities (32 in the U.S.) 465 military ambulatory care and occupational health (373 in the U.S.)

How many AF MTFs are there?

There are 721 MTFs, with 109 located overseas. The facilities are generally on or near a U.S. military base and are typically staffed by military, civil service, and contract personnel.

What is the best military hospital in the US?

Military hospitals recognized on the “all cases” meritorious list include:

  • Brooke Army Medical Center.
  • Dwight David Eisenhower Army Medical Center.
  • 81st Medical Group (Keesler Medical Group)
  • Naval Medical Center San Diego.
  • Walter Reed National Military Medical Center.
  • William Beaumont Army Medical Center.

Are there any hospitals in the Air Force?

AIR FORCE HOSPITALS Facility Phone 10th Medical Group – USAF Academy Medica 1-719-333-5111 14th Medical Group 201 Independence Driv 1-662-434-2273 15th Medical Group 755 Scott Circle Hick 1-808-448-6000 17th Medical Group – Goodfellow Air Forc 1-325-654-3149

Is there a military hospital on Maxwell Air Force base?

42d Medical Group – Maxwell Air Force Base Alaska 354th Medical Group – Eielson Air Force Base 673d Medical Group – Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson Bassett Army Community Hospital Arizona 355th Medical Group – Davis-Monthan Air Force Base 56th Medical Group – Luke Air Force Base

How many inpatients does the military hospital serve?

Most of the hospitals serve an average of 30 or fewer inpatients a day. Some have been marked by the Pentagon for downsizing. Related Article No changes were recommended for inpatient care. No changes were recommended for inpatient care. Pentagon analysts recommended downsizing to an outpatient clinic. The Air Force disagreed.

How many Air Force bases are there in the US?

Installations and locations in the contiguous United States. For Alaska and Hawaii see Pacific, East Asia and South East Asia section. Active-duty USAF bases in the United States are under the jurisdiction of the following Major Commands. There are 59 Active Bases across the country:

What is Air Force medical services?

The Air Force Medical Service is a continuous learning and improving organization that partners with patients and families in a single-minded focus on safety and Zero Harm.

What is the Air Force Medical Corps?

The U.S. Air Force Medical Corps is charged with the critical mission of sustaining the health and vitality of all Air Force personnel. Providing direct patient care, training, and education concerning a full range of health care issues, the Air Force Medical Corps is vital to the success of Air Force missions around…

What are the army medical centers?

Tripler Army Medical Center is the headquarters of the Pacific Regional Medical Command of the armed forces administered by the United States Army in the state of Hawaii. It is the largest military hospital in the Asian and Pacific Rim region and serves a military sphere of jurisdiction that spans over 52% of the Earth’s surface.