What word does Rachel misspelled on her resume?

What word does Rachel misspelled on her resume?

Can you name the correct answers to the following F.R.I.E.N.D.S questions?QuestionAnswer% CorrectWhy did Monica loose weight?Chandler said she was fat75.8%Who was Monica’s first kiss?Ross75.2%Who did Ross kiss, when he believed it was Rachel?Monica70.9%What word did Rachel misspell on her resume?Computer69.1%21

What is Rachel’s job?

After meeting Mark from Bloomingdale’s at the Moondance Diner, Rachel gets a job as an assistant buyer.

Where all did Rachel Green work?

She eventually moves on to Bloomingdale’s where she gets her big break as a buyer and personal shopper. After putting in her time at Bloomies, Rachel gets her dream job as an executive at Ralph Lauren where she stays for the final five seasons (and briefly dates her assistant, Tag).

Was Rachel actually pregnant?

Rachel’s pregnancy is confirmed in the first episode of season 8 and it’s revealed she’s at least two weeks along, but by episode 6 of that series — The One with the Halloween Party — which the poster reasons must be sometime in October, Rachel still doesn’t have a baby bump, despite allegedly being around 5 months …

Who was actually pregnant in friends?

1. Courteney Cox was pregnant when the last episode was shot. When Lisa Kudrow got pregnant, screenwriters decided to incorporate her pregnancy into the Friends script. Voilà!

Did any of the friends date in real life?

Matthew Perry In 2006 — nearly two years after the show ended — some believed the former co-stars dated. Jennifer Aniston and Tate Donovan dated on Friends and in real life.

Did Rachel and Joey ever sleep together?

No, their characters didn’t. This was on behalf of Jennifer Aniston who came into agreement to do the storyline if Rachel’s attraction was on the basis of ‘physicality’. Meaning it was to be no more than a physical attraction towards Joey.

Why does Chandler look so different in Season 7?

Matthew Perry suffered from pancreatitis in 2000 (before 7th season) and lost 20 pounds. That’s why he looked different in the beginning of season 7.

Why did Chandler leave friends in Season 9?

In Friends season 9, Chandler’s hatred for his job caused him to finally quit despite the great pay. Monica helped him find a new job through an old friend, and he was hired as an unpaid intern before being promoted to a junior copywriter at an advertising agency.

Did any of the Friends cast smoke?

Saying goodbye to Friends wasn’t just hard for fans, it was hard for the actors too. Matt LeBlanc recently opened up about what it was like to finish filming the iconic sitcom after 10 years — and revealed it caused him to start smoking cigarettes again.

Is Chandler from friends died?

Basically, Chandler gets hit by an ice cream truck and tragedy ensues following his death. The five remaining friends mourn his absence, with Monica drowning her sorrows in drugs, alcohol, and Joey.