What was the outcome of the Leyte operation?

What was the outcome of the Leyte operation?

No longer were the Allies held at the outer periphery of her defense system. They were now poised with their full power at the very threshold of her inner structure and if they should break through, the Homeland itself would stand dangerously exposed-an inviting target for the next invasion.

What was the purpose of Operation Fast and furious?

MARIZCO: They did, and ostensibly this was the purpose of Operation Fast and Furious and its predecessor Operation Wide Receiver. And Fast and Furious, of course, two of the guns used, two of the guns at the murder of Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry were Fast and Furious guns. It’s unknown whether they were actually used to commit the murder.

What was the precondition for Operation Sea Lion?

As a precondition, Hitler specified the achievement of both air and naval superiority over the English Channel and the proposed landing sites, but the German forces did not achieve either at any point during the war, and both the German High Command and Hitler himself had serious doubts about the prospects for success.

What do you call the day on October 21?

October 21 (Eastern Orthodox liturgics) Egyptian Naval Day ; Indian Police Commemoration Day ; National Nurses’ Day ; Ndadaye Day ; Overseas Chinese Day (Republic of China) Trafalgar Day (the British Empire in the 19th and early 20th century) Birth of the Báb (2017) (Baháʼí Faith) References

Why do people switch jobs on October 21?

Since the October 21 birthday personality is multi-talented, you have a tendency to switch jobs more than any other zodiac sign. Those born on this birthday are people who like things done their way. Be watchful of your financial status before you make this move as it could decrease your savings and spending.

What was the date of October 21 1096?

October 21 is the 294th day of the year (295th in leap years) in the Gregorian calendar; 71 days remain until the end of the year. 1096 – A Seljuk Turkish army successfully fight off the People’s Crusade. 1097 – Crusaders led by Godfrey of Bouillon, Bohemund of Taranto, and Raymond IV, Count of Toulouse, begin the Siege of Antioch.

What’s the personality of the 21st of October?

In addition, the 21st October birthday personality tends to be there for friends no matter what differences of opinion they may have. As the October 21st birthday horoscope rightly predicts you are fun to be around and perhaps a little naughty. You love to play and joke around… maybe you are a rebellious Libra.