What the meaning of gorging?

What the meaning of gorging?

: to eat greedily or to repletion also : to partake of something in large amounts gorging on books. transitive verb. 1a : to stuff to capacity : glut.

What does the word gorging most likely mean?

to swallow, especially greedily. to choke up (usually used passively). SEE MORE. verb (used without object), gorged, gorg·ing. to eat greedily.

What does gorged mean in the dictionary?

verb (used with object), gorged, gorg·ing. to stuff with food (usually used reflexively or passively): He gorged himself. They were gorged. to swallow, especially greedily. to choke up (usually used passively).

What are gorges used for?

Engineers have purposely flooded gorges in order to create waterways and dams. These dams generate hydroelectricity, or electricity powered by water. The Three Gorges Dam on the Yangtze River in China is probably the most famous example of such a project.

What is Lamon English?

English. lamon. eel grass; gorging; voracious eating; Probably related with: Tagalog.

Is Gorge a real word?

A gorge is a deep, narrow valley with very steep sides, usually where a river passes through mountains or an area of hard rock. the deep gorge between these hills. …

Which is the deepest gorge in the world?

From a condor’s perch on this gorge in southern Peru you could look down on 10 of New York’s World Trade Center towers stacked end on end. The 60-mile-long Colca Canyon formed by the Colca River is the deepest land gorge on Earth, according to the Guinness Book of World Records.

How is a waterfall formed?

Often, waterfalls form as streams flow from soft rock to hard rock. This happens both laterally (as a stream flows across the earth) and vertically (as the stream drops in a waterfall). In both cases, the soft rock erodes, leaving a hard ledge over which the stream falls.

What type of word is imbedded?

verb (used with object), em·bed·ded, em·bed·ding. to fix into a surrounding mass: to embed stones in cement. to surround tightly or firmly; envelop or enclose: Thick cotton padding embedded the precious vase in its box.

Which is the best definition of ” gorging “?

Nutrition The consumption of 1 or 2 ‘mega-meals’/day, linked to ↑ total cholesterol, LDL-C, apolipoprotein B. See Bingeing.

What does it mean to Gorg on fried chicken?

Rather, eating fried chicken showed them getting above their station– gorging on luxury foods. Instead of gorging on rumors, he would rather see reporters working hard to vet Romney and his positions. After gorging themselves with food, they rise up to play and to dance. The victorious besieged were gorging from fingers crammed full.

Which is the best definition of the word gorge?

1. 1. overeat, bolt, devour, gobble, wolf, swallow, gulp, guzzle, pig out (slang) I could spend all day gorging on chocolate. 2. (usually reflexive) stuff, fill, feed, cram, glut, surfeit, satiate, sate Three men were gorging themselves on grouse and watermelon. cloy, engorge, glut, pall, sate, satiate, surfeit.

What’s the meaning of gorging on a mosquito?

While drinking and gorging make him gentlemanly, it seems, they also break him down. Identification of blood components which induce gorging of the mosquito. Synthesis of this product presumably resumes on feeding, but the high demand created by gorging may prevent vesicles accumulating.

What does the name gorging mean?

Define gorging. gorging synonyms, gorging pronunciation, gorging translation, English dictionary definition of gorging. n. 1. A deep narrow valley with steep rocky sides; a ravine. 2. A narrow entrance into the outwork of a fortification. 3. The throat; the gullet: The gory…

What does gorged mean?

Gorged is simply another form of the word ‘gorge’ but in this form the word has yet another meaning in its kitty. It’s an adjective and is used to describe a kind of beast that is represented wearing something like a collar at its neck.

What does gorge mean?

Definition of ‘gorge’. gorge. A gorge is a deep, narrow valley with very steep sides, usually where a river passes through mountains or an area of hard rock. If you gorge on something or gorge yourself on it, you eat lots of it in a very greedy way.