What sport does Kelsey Lee Barber play?

What sport does Kelsey Lee Barber play?

javelin throw
Kelsey-Lee Barber (née Roberts; born 20 September 1991) is an Australian track and field athlete who competes in the javelin throw. She won gold at the 2019 World Championships, and her personal best of 67.70 m ranks her 13th in the overall list.

Who is Kelsey Lee?

Kelsey Lee is a fitness influencer who makes dynamic workouts for her audience to mix and match at home and get fit their way.

Where does Kelsey Lee Barber live?

South African-born, Kelsey-Lee arrived in Australia as a nine-year-old during the 2000 Sydney Games to live on a dairy farm in Victoria. She currently lives in Canberra training at the AIS with Para-Athlete Jayden Sawyer (Gold 2017 World Championships, 5th 2019 World Championships).

Who holds the women’s javelin world record?

Barbora Špotáková
The current (as of 2017) men’s world record is held by Jan Železný at 98.48 m (1996); Barbora Špotáková holds the women’s world record at 72.28 m (2008).

What is the farthest javelin throw ever?

The current (as of 2017) men’s world record is held by Jan Železný at 98.48 m (1996); Barbora Špotáková holds the women’s world record at 72.28 m (2008).

Can a javelin kill you?

Occasional accidents occur in athletics disciplines such as the javelin and the hammer, but deaths are extremely rare. In 2007, French long jumper Salim Sdiri was speared by a javelin at an athletics meeting in Rome and had to be taken to hospital for his injuries.

Why is javelin illegal?

In 1956, South Carolina banned javelin from high school competition because it was “too dangerous for spectators,” reasoning that high school athlete Liam Christensen is currently attempting to disprove.

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