What is Turnkey PCB Assembly? And Its Benefits

What is Turnkey PCB Assembly? And Its Benefits

What Is Turnkey PCB Assembly

Turnkey PCB Assembly offers a complete setup of electronics with the essential solutions to generate each completed item. Necessarily, our company RayPCB can be relied on. When an order is positioned, our supplier takes care of all tools, varying from prototyping to partial buying, assembly, and also product packaging.

“”Turnkey” is a buzzword in the market nowadays, however, you might not have heard it about PCB assembly solutions. Turnkey PCB assembly implies that the PCB manufacturer handles every action of the assembly procedure, consisting of material procurement, PCB manufacture and also assembly, testing, product packaging, and also fulfilment. You simply offer the layout and the manufacturer takes care of the remainder.

Turnkey PCB assembly removes the cost and also quantity troubles that have actually limited PCB assembly in the past. Currently, anybody with a design concept can swiftly as well as cost-effectively bring their concept to life. Perfect for startups and small businesses, turnkey services enable them to stay competitive with larger business without the expense and risk entailed with big production runs.

By choosing the ideal turnkey PCB setting up partner, you remove the tension of getting, keeping, and also tracking your supply, in addition to the delays and also intricacies of taking care of several suppliers. With turnkey services from Telan Corporation, you can focus on refining your design and also leave the rest to us.

The Benefits of Turnkey PCB Assembly


Producing prototypes has actually traditionally been a costly and also slow-moving process. Multiple suppliers, slow lead-times, and out-of-stock or hard-to-get parts contribute to the trouble. Turnkey PCB assembly helps you construct and fine-tune your prototypes faster as well as much more efficiently, obtaining your product to market quicker.

Single point of contact

One supplier suggests one quote, one bill, and one phone call can result in prompt and also effortlessly modifications. If you are dealing with several suppliers, one small modification can produce a causal sequence of hold-ups as well as cost adjustments across your suppliers. You likewise may have a more challenging time finding the ideal person to start your modifications. By picking a turnkey PCB assembly service provider, you can be sure that the person you’re talking to is educated about your task and can quickly answer your questions as well as apply modifications to your order.


“Turnkey” is sometimes confused with “cookie-cutter,” resulting in the idea that turnkey services are more restrictive. Yet whereas “cookie-cutter” suggests the same point for everybody, turnkey refers to systems, procedures, and also criteria that are currently in place. Customization just needs changes to a procedure, step, or aspect, keeping the other turnkey advantages intact.