What is the movement called when a limb is moved outward away from the body?

What is the movement called when a limb is moved outward away from the body?

Abduction moves the limb laterally away from the midline of the body, while adduction is the opposing movement that brings the limb toward the body or across the midline. Spreading the fingers or toes apart is also abduction, while bringing the fingers or toes together is adduction.

What is rotation of a limb?

Medial and Lateral Rotation. Medial and lateral rotation describe movement of the limbs around their long axis: Medial rotation is a rotational movement towards the midline. Lateral rotation is a rotating movement away from the midline. This is in the opposite direction to the movements described above.

What is the flexion movement?

Flexion and extension are movements that take place within the sagittal plane and involve anterior or posterior movements of the body or limbs. In the limbs, flexion decreases the angle between the bones (bending of the joint), while extension increases the angle and straightens the joint.

What is bending a body part called?

Flexion: This movement is the bending of a part, or decreasing the angle between two parts. You flex your elbow when you bring your forearm up toward your upper arm, and you flex your spine when you bend your body forward.

Which body part rotates completely?

Body Parts Movement
Rotates completely Rotates Partly/turns
Neck No Yes
Wrist Yes No
Finger No No

What is internal and external movement?

Internal rotation is rotating a joint towards the midline; external rotation is rotating a joint away from the midline.

What is the opposite movement of flexion?

The movement at a joint which decreases the angle between two adjacent body segments is know as flexion. The opposite action is extension, where the angle between body segments is increased.

What are the two types of movement?

The different types of movement that are permitted at each joint are described below.

  • Flexion – bending a joint.
  • Extension – straightening a joint.
  • Abduction – movement away from the midline of the body.
  • Adduction – movement towards the midline of the body.
  • Circumduction – this is where the limb moves in a circle.