What is the first best treatment option for a person with metabolic syndrome?

What is the first best treatment option for a person with metabolic syndrome?

In most cases, the best treatment for metabolic syndrome rests with you. Changes to your behavior — such as eating healthier and getting more exercise — are the first things your doctor will suggest. By adopting some healthy habits, you may be able to eliminate your risk factors completely.

What should I eat if I have metabolic syndrome?

The best foods to eat on a metabolic syndrome diet are vegetables, healthy fats, and whole grains. People with metabolic syndrome should avoid foods high in sugar, simple carbohydrates, and sodium. Visit Insider’s Health Reference library for more advice.

Are there any natural remedies to reverse metabolic syndrome?

While it’s always best to consult your practitioner before taking herbs, research shows that some can be beneficial when it comes to reversing the effects of metabolic syndrome. Berberine, Ginseng, and Bitter Melon: These Chinese medicine herbs help to stabilize glucose levels and how lipids are used in the body.

How to reduce the risk of metabolic syndrome?

Look for ways to increase activity any chance you get, such as walking instead of driving and using the stairs instead of an elevator. Weight loss. Losing 7% of your body weight can reduce insulin resistance and blood pressure and decrease your risk of diabetes. In fact, any amount of weight loss is beneficial.

What foods are good to eat when you have metabolic syndrome?

Fruits are also a great source of the nutrients your body needs to recover from metabolic syndrome and manage its symptoms. Good options for treating the condition include apples, bananas, oranges, pears, pomegranates, and prunes. Don’t over-indulge though, they’re packed full of natural sugars which can also cause your blood sugar to rise.

How is apple cider vinegar used to treat metabolic syndrome?

Method of use: Oral. Apple cider vinegar can help to control symptoms of metabolic syndrome include helping in weight loss. Drink 1 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar diluted in water daily.

What medications treat metabolic syndrome?

Medication Summary. An insulin-sensitizing agent, such as metformin, is typically used at the start of hyperglycemia treatment in patients with metabolic syndrome. Some literature suggests that metformin may help to reverse the pathophysiologic changes of metabolic syndrome.

What can you do to prevent metabolic syndrome?

Preventing metabolic syndrome is certainly possible. Maintaining a healthy waist circumference and blood pressure and cholesterol levels reduce your risk for metabolic syndrome. Exercise and weight loss can aid in these efforts and decrease insulin resistance.

Can you be cured of metabolic syndrome?

Although, metabolic syndrome can be prevented and treated by managing the risk factors and treating the root problem of unhealthy diet, sedentary lifestyle and obesity, it cannot be cured fully.

How to reduce your risk for metabolic syndrome?

  • Get Regular Exercise. Getting regular exercise can reduce blood pressure naturally and help you achieve or maintain a healthy weight.
  • Get Enough Sleep.
  • Reduce Stress.
  • Don’t Smoke.
  • Make Dietary Changes.
  • See Your Doctor Regularly.
  • Steer Clear of Alcohol.
  • Self-Monitor.
  • Take Dietary Supplements.
  • Drink More Water.