What is the fastest bath ever taken?

What is the fastest bath ever taken?

After a first successful public appearance at Bergrennen Reitnau hill climb in June 2015, Roth took his motorized bath-tub to the Dynamic Test Center in Vauffelin, Switzerland, where an average speed of 186.82 km/h (116.08 mph) over his two fastest runs was officially verified on 6 May 2016.

Who took the fastest shower?

Noah Riffe took a shower in 36.10 seconds. He set the record to raise awareness for the Records For Water campaign.

Who holds the record for fastest chug?

Fastest Time To Chug A 23.7-Ounce Water Bottle Timothy F. chugged a 23.7-ounce water bottle in 19.56 seconds. WARNING: Speed drinking can be extremely dangerous. Please do not attempt this record unless you are above the age of 18 or trained as a professional speed drinker.

What is the world record for going to the bathroom?

Back in 2019, Jimmy De Frenne, a 48-year-old Belgian man, took it upon himself to smash the record for the longest time spent sitting on the toilet. His goal was to hit 165 hours (almost seven days) of sitting on the loo, however, due to sore legs, he only made it to 116 hours.

What are the weirdest world records?

15 Of The Weirdest Guinness World Records That You Won’t Believe Actually Exist

  1. Nick Stoeberl holds the world record for the longest tongue.
  2. Garry Turner holds the record for the stretchiest skin since 1999.
  3. 3. Lee Redmond has the longest fingernails in world.
  4. Ram Singh holds the world record for the longest moustache.

Who is the fastest water drinker?

The fastest time to drink 500ml water is 2.60 seconds, achieved by Tom Wille Maryniak (USA), in Blandon, Pennsylvania, USA, on November 2011.

What is the world record for sitting still?

Statistics: The Motionlessness Records from 1967 to now On 26/27 January 2015, Babu made one more record attempt which lasted 37 hours. Unfortunately, it had to be interrupted because of an insect bite. However, he still stood still for 35:22 hours in total.

Are there any Guinness World Records that can be beaten?

Here are some wacky Guinness world records that, with a little time and concerted efforts, could be beaten by a regular person. On July 12, 2015, Silvio Sabba found a use for 247 of those old, thin, shiny holders of information and music rendered obsolete by the arrival of streaming.

What’s the Guinness World Record for vagina lifting?

That kind of qualifies as an extreme sport. Tatyana Kozhevnikova owns this unofficial record (the Vagina Weightlifting category doesn’t exist at the Guinness World Records but just you wait) by being able to lift up to 31 pounds with her vagina. The video below shows her demonstrating her talents on “The Body Shocking Show.”

Who is the fastest pitcher in MLB history?

Who Has Thrown the Fastest Pitch in MLB History? 1 Aroldis Chapman throws fastest pitch in 21st century. In the 21st century, there is no question as to who has thrown the fastest pitch on record. It’s 2 Bob Feller pitches against motorcycle. 3 Nolan Ryan holds record for fastest pitch.

What’s the world record for a 24 hour time trial?

Christian von Ascheberg set the human powered vehicle (HPV) land distance record at 1,219.02 kilometres (757 mi) in 24 hours in a Milan SL velomobile at the DEKRA test track in Germany on 1 August 2010. Andy Wilkinson set the UK 24-hour time trial record at 541.214 miles (871 km) on 24/25 June 2011.