What is the description of CPT code 70486?

What is the description of CPT code 70486?

The code 70486 reports the image capture and interpretation. 70486 Computed tomography, maxillofacial area; without contrast material.

What is the CPT code for a CT Scanogram?

78973-5CT scanogram Lower extremity – bilateral for leg measurement WO contrastActive.

What is CT temporal bone?

Temporal bone CT is a limited kind of head CT that focuses on the lower part of the skull and the surrounding soft tissues, and is often used in patients with hearing loss, chronic ear infections, and middle and inner ear diseases.

What is CT code?

74178, Computed tomography, abdomen and pelvis; without contrast material in one or both body regions, followed by contrast material(s) and further sections in one or both body regions. Report 74176 when both studies (abdomen and pelvis) are performed without contrast.

What is CT Scanogram?

Computerized Tomography (CT) Scanogram is a diagnostic procedure where rotating beams of X-rays are used to create cross sectional images of the lower limbs or legs, which can then be used to create a three dimensional image of the legs.

What does a triphasic CT scan of the liver do?

Triphasic CT (TPCT) Scan of the liver is essential in view of the dual blood supply of the liver. TPCT allows characterisaiton of all liver lesions and close to pathological correlaiton by non invasive imaging alone. Additionally providing segmental vascular analysis as a surgicical guide. Full Name Comment goes here.

What does tPCT stand for in Liver Scan?

TPCT Liver Technique Pre-contrast – Deferred in follow up / Metastasis, Arterial phase of contrast enhancement Portal phase of contrast enhancement Veinous Phase – Equilibrium abdominal CT is completed to iliac crest level. Hemangioma is suspected – additional delayed images to assess for filling in of hemangioma. 4.

Which is the diagnostic accuracy of triphasic spiral CT?

Objective: To assess the diagnostic accuracy of triphasic spiral CT in differentiating benign from malignant focal tumoral liver lesions. Methods: The study was conducted in Department of Radiology of Aga Khan University Hospital and Sind Institute of Urology and Transplantation, Karachi from Feb 2006 to Feb 2007.

What’s the CPT code for a Liver Scan?

74170, 72194 Pancreatic Protocol or 3-Phase Liver For pain, contrast is needed. 74170, 72194, 76376 Ste nt Protocol Question of: diverticulitis, appendicitis, abscess, cancer, prior abdominal surgery.

What is CPT code for three phase liver CT scan?

CPT CODE AND GUIDELINES FOR CT SCANS SCHEDULE 203-878-2341 FAX 203-878-3429 74170, 72194 Pancreatic Protocol or 3-Phase Liver.

What is the CPT code for left hip CT?

ICD-10-PCS Code BQ21ZZZ. Computerized Tomography (CT Scan) of Left Hip. BQ21ZZZ is a valid billable ICD-10 procedure code for Computerized Tomography (CT Scan) of Left Hip.

What is the CPT code for CT pelvis?

The obvious coding solution is to use both 74150 (CT abdomen) and 72192 (CT pelvis) when scanning all the way from diaphragm to pubis; 74150 when scanning upper abdomen only; and CPT 72192 when scanning the pelvic area only. However, in the real world of clinical radiology practice the matter is not so simple.

What is the CPT code for CT scan of kidney?

Provider Checklist-Outpatient –Imaging Checklist: Computed Tomography (CT) Kidney (CPT Codes: 74150, 74160, 74170) All Indications [*One has to be present]