What is the CPT code for lipoma?

What is the CPT code for lipoma?

If the lipoma were located superficially, the removal of the lipoma would be coded to excision of a benign lesion. The appropriate code would fall into the CPT code range 11400-11446 based on location and size of the lipoma removed.

What is the CPT code for lipoma excision?

CPT Code For Excision Of Lipoma Buttock Lipoma in buttocks mostly requires deep incision because of high fat content but for small lipoma, an excision is enough for the removal of tumor cells. The procedure involves a curette and stitches for healing of scar. The CPT code used for this procedure is 27043.

What is the operative report procedure for axillary excision?

Operative report procedure was: Our coder used 19120. The doctor was a ob-gyn surgeon, and supplied 19120. Definition of axillary does include areolar tissue. HELP! thoughts? (path report not avail at time of coding) lipoma.

What is the code for an axillary mass excision?

After final pathology, the below example ended up being fibroadenoma. We have also considered code 24071 (Excision, tumor, soft tissue of upper arm or elbow area, subcutaneous; 3 cm or greater). The coder used 11406. Dx D36.7.

What is the CPT code for benign lesion removal?

CPT code 11400, 11401, 11402 and 11406 – Excision benign lesion. procedure codes 11400-11446 should be used when the excision is a full-thickness (through the dermis) removal of a lesion, including margins, and includes simple (non-layered) closure.

What is the CPT code for excision of abdominal mass?

CPT 22900, Under Excision Procedures on the Abdomen. The Current Procedural Terminology (CPT) code 22900 as maintained by American Medical Association, is a medical procedural code under the range – Excision Procedures on the Abdomen.

What is the CPT code for resection?

The appropriate code could be CPT code 88305, joint resection. Again, clinical information such as patient history, clinical diagnosis and operative procedure are the key. The focus of the surgery would be the whole joint and not just the repair of a component.

What is CPT for axilla?

Anesthesia for Procedures on the Shoulder and Axilla CPT Code range 01610- 01680. The Current Procedural Terminology (CPT) code range for Anesthesia 01610-01680 is a medical code set maintained by the American Medical Association.