What is procedure code 27829?

What is procedure code 27829?

CPT 27829 (open treatment of distal tibiofibular. joint disruption with or without internal or. external. fixation)

What is the CPT code for right ankle Orif lateral malleolus with Syndesmotic screws?

CPT 27829 was used to search for syndesmotic fixation, and CPT 20680 for implant removal.

What is the ICD 10 code for ankle fracture?

2021 ICD-10-CM Codes S82*: Fracture of lower leg, including ankle.

Is a Maisonneuve fracture serious?

While this is an uncommon type of ankle fracture, it is important because without looking carefully, this may appear to be a less serious injury. If not properly diagnosed, there can be long-term problems of the ankle joint, including early ankle arthritis.

How long does a Maisonneuve fracture take to heal?

Stretching and strengthening exercises will allow the patient to return to gradual weight bearing activity at around 8-12 weeks and full weight bearing around 16 weeks. Return to sport after a maisonneuve fracture with rehabilitation occurs generally within a time frame of about 20-24 weeks.

Which is CPT code for bimalleolar ankle fracture?

CPT ® Code Description 27814 Open treatment of bimalleolar ankle fracture (eg, lateral and medial malleoli, or lateral and posterior malleoli, or medial and posterior malleoli), includes internal fixation, when performed 27822 Open treatment of trimalleolar ankle fracture, includes internal fixation, when performed, medial and/or lateral

How is open reduction and internal fixation of the ankle treated?

Open Reduction and Internal Fixation of the Ankle. If nonoperative treatment is chosen, it is crucial to ensure anatomic mortise reduction throughout treatment until healing. Unstable injuries should be treated in a well-molded shortleg cast and checked on a weekly basis to ensure continued mortise reduction.

What are the codes for foot and ankle systems?

28320 Repair, nonunion or malunion; tarsal bones 28415 Open treatment of calcaneal fracture, includes internal fixation, when performed Foot and Ankle Systems Coding

What is the code for left ankle hardware removal?

I would use 27814. Even though the 20680 does not bundle with the 27814, the surgeon had to remove the hardware (incidental) before he could re-fix this fracture therefore I would not award coding for it. I’m sorry, the code I was looking at was 27726 – Repair of fibula nonunion and/or malunion with internal fixation.

What is a closed reduction internal fixation?

Closed Reduction Internal Fixation. Closed Reduction Internal Fixation (CRIF) is reduction without any open surgery, followed by internal fixation.

What is the CPT code for external fixation?

For the application of an external fixator performed with a uniplane (using pins or wires in one plane) system, use CPT code 20690. For the application of a multiplane unilateral external fixation system (using pins or wires in more than one plane), report code 20692.

What is CPT code for closed reduction fracture?

CPT Code: 25605. A closed reduction is a procedure that is done to restore normal alignment of a dislocated joint or fractured bone where the affected bones are simply manipulated and no incision is necessary. The bones are manipulated by applying traction and a cast is used to hold them in place.