What happens in the last weeks of pregnancy?

What happens in the last weeks of pregnancy?

In the last month of pregnancy, the baby doesn’t just keep growing—it also changes position. 1 Your partner can feel like their belly is going to pop. The skin is stretched tight and maternity clothes won’t fit as well. This may make your partner feel big, uncomfortable, and/or discouraged.

Why are the last weeks of pregnancy so hard?

Truth. Of course, that’s just the nature of birth — exactly when you go into labor is a big unknown, which is why those last weeks in pregnancy can feel so difficult. It’s the waiting and the not knowing. Also the exhaustion, the body soreness, the heartburn, the ramp-up contractions… you get the idea.

What should I do in the last weeks of pregnancy?

Here are eight smart tips to help you coast through the last weeks of pregnancy.

  • Embrace the power nap.
  • Cook ahead and stock your freezer.
  • Simplify newborn essentials.
  • Feather your nest.
  • Surprise siblings with a gift from the new baby.
  • Prepare some mindless entertainment.
  • Get in sync with your partner.

How can I get my last 2 weeks of pregnancy?

6 important to-dos for the last two weeks of pregnancy

  1. Book a cleaning service. I love a clean house but hate cleaning.
  2. Buy wool breast pads.
  3. Clean out the freezer and restock with easy meals.
  4. Stock up on big, comfy knickers.
  5. Make some “padsicles”
  6. Put together an announcement email list.
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Which is the hardest week of pregnancy?

9 weeks pregnant: Symptoms Your bra may start to feel a bit snug, too, while morning sickness, mood swings and pregnancy fatigue may continue to leave you feeling drained and miserable. It’s hardly surprising, therefore, that most women whole-heartedly agree that the first trimester is the hardest.

What happens in the last 2 weeks of pregnancy?

Some early symptoms you might notice by week 2 that indicate you’re pregnant include: a missed period. moodiness. tender and swollen breasts.