What happens if you drink diluted Milton?

What happens if you drink diluted Milton?

What happens if a child swallows some Milton Sterilising Fluid? Because of the salt in the solution in the bottle, the child will usually spit the fluid out, or, at worst, be sick. If they are not sick, there should be no need to worry but a concerned parent can give the child a drink of milk.

Is Milton Sterilising fluid safe to drink?

Travel Tip: to make water safe for drinking, use half a teaspoon (2.5ml) of Milton Fluid to 5 litres of water and leave for 15 minutes. Warnings: Avoid prolonged contact with metal. Avoid contact with eyes, in the event of contact, rinse eyes with warm water. Do not inhale.

Is it dangerous to drink Milton?

The non toxic formula is not harmful if swallowed, but as a precaution, drink several glasses of milk or water. Milton solution may discolour fabric on contact. Do not mix together with other cleaning products.

Can you drink Sterilised water?

Yes you can safely drink sterile water for injection. It is still only water, although sterilised and distilled. It is not toxic at all, otherwise it couldn’t be used for injection purposes.

Is Milton safe on skin?

Most patients tolerate Milton baths well. Occasionally, you may experience a mild discomfort on your skin. If this happens, empty the bath and immediately rinse off with warm water then apply your usual emollient and topical treatment.

What happens if I drink Milton?

Ingestion Can cause vomiting or a mild mucosal irritation. Do NOT induce vomiting. Never give an unconscious person anything to drink. If the victim is conscious, they should drink plenty of milk or water.

Do I need to rinse Milton off?

Items should not be rinsed. Any amount of residual Milton® after soaking is rapidly destroyed (converted to sodium chloride – salt) by the protein in the milk and baby’s saliva. The made-up solution should be renewed every 24 hours, after thoroughly washing the container with warm water and detergent.

Can you use Milton as a mouthwash?

Milton Sterilising Fluid can also be diluted and used as a mouth rinse. This was one of the first historical uses of Milton.

Can Milton harm my baby?

The Milton Sterilising Tablets allows you to sterilise in 15 minutes only. Milton has been sterilising babies utensils for over 50 years and is clinically proven to protect against all germs (bacteria, viruses and fungi), which can be harmful to your baby.