What happened to chers father?

What happened to chers father?

Sarkisian, a truck driver, ended up deserting his family when Cher was young. Holt remarried and Cher actually did not meet her birth father until she was eleven years old.

Who are Chers parents?

Georgia Holt
John Paul SarkisianGilbert Hartmann LaPiere

What is chers surname?

Cherilyn Sarkisian
Cher/Full name
Cher, byname of Cherilyn Sarkisian, (born May 20, 1946, El Centro, California, U.S.), American entertainer who parlayed her status as a teenage pop singer into a recording, concert, and acting career.

What did Cher’s father do for a living?

Holt, who had Georganne in 1951 with John Southall, an actor (they divorced five years later), worked as a model, movie extra and waitress, says Georganne, whom Cher helped raise. “Mom sweated bullets every year figuring out how to get us new shoes for school,” says Georganne. “We came from no money.”

Who is Chers son?

Chaz Bono
Elijah Blue Allman
Los Angeles, California U.S. Elijah Blue Allman (born July 10, 1976), known professionally as P. Exeter Blue, is an American musician, and the son of singer Cher and her second husband, Gregg Allman. He is the half-brother of Chaz Bono, Delilah Allman, Michael Allman, Layla Allman, and Devon Allman.

Who is chers father?

John Paul Sarkisian
Gilbert Hartmann LaPiere

Who is chers dad?

Who is chers sister?

Georganne LaPiere
That staying power may come from her mother, 86-year-old Georgia Holt. In the new Lifetime documentary, “Dear Mom, Love Cher,” the entertainer documents what life was like growing up for her and her younger sister, Georganne LaPiere Bartylak.

How did Greg Allman die?

Liver cancer
Gregg Allman/Cause of death

Allman died at his home in Richmond Hill, Georgia, on May 27, 2017, due to complications from liver cancer at the age of 69.

How old was Cher’s father when he died?

Vote for this answer. John Sarkisian (c1920 – 20 April 2005) was an actor, and appeared in a small number of films and television shows. He was the father of American entertainer Cher. He was an owner of the Las Vegas nightclub Whiskey A Go Go for a period of time.

Who are the real parents of Cher grunge?

Cher’s parents, Georgia Holt and John Sarkisian, had a short and tumultuous relationship that ended in divorce. According to a 1978 interview with People, Holt met truck driver Sarkisian as a teenager while she was working in a Fresno, California, donut shop.

Who is the father of Cher’s sister Georganne?

At some point in her life, Cher had to be placed in an orphanage so her mother could look for a good job. Banker Gilbert came into the picture of Cher’s life after her mother got married to him in 1961. Gilbert ended up adopting both Cher and her sister Georganne (whom eight-time married Georgia had with her second husband John Southall).

Who is the son of Cher and Sonny?

Chaz Bono with Sonny Bono in 1974. Bono was born in Los Angeles, California, the only child of Cher and Sonny Bono of the pop duo Sonny & Cher, stars of a TV variety show on which the young child often appeared.

Who are Cher’s children?

Cher has two children from her two marriages. Cher and Sonny’s child is a son named Chaz Bono, who was born in 1969. For most of his life, Chaz was known as Chastity Bono, but in 2008, it was reported that Chastity was undergoing gender transition from female to male and would now be known as Chaz.

Who is Cher mother?

Jump to navigation Jump to search. Georgia Holt (born Jackie Jean Crouch; June 9, 1926) is an American singer-songwriter, actress, and model. She is the mother of singer and actress Cher.

What is Cher heritage?

Cher is of Armenian heritage on her father’s side, and of English and German, with more distant Irish, Dutch, and French, heritage on her mother’s side. The father deserted the family when Cher was young, and she was raised by their mother who later married Gilbert LaPiere, a banker.