What causes cysts on the spleen?

What causes cysts on the spleen?

Splenic cysts can be divided into true epidermoid cysts (lined by epithelium) and secondary cysts resulting from hemorrhage, infection (hydatid disease), or infarction. The most common cause of a splenic cyst is trauma, followed by hydatid disease (Fig. 5-22).

What causes a cyst on the side of the spleen?

Splenic cysts often result from prior trauma or splenic hematoma. Axial CECT demonstrates a low-density, relatively simple cyst in the spleen. Coronal CECT in the same patient shows the cyst with calcification along its margin.

Can a congenital splenic cyst become symptomatic?

The splenic cysts are usually solitary or single. These may usually be asymptomatic, however, sometimes congenital splenic cysts may also become symptomatic in certain cases. Trauma to the area can cause swelling resulting in increase in the size of the cyst, hemorrhage or other causes can lead to certain symptoms.

Which is the best treatment for a splenic cyst?

Either total or partial splenectomy may provide successful treatment. If the cyst is very large and almost completely covered by splenic parenchyma, or if it is located in the splenic hilum, complete splenectomy is recommended, because of the risk of intractable bleeding from the spleen.

What causes a secondary splenic cyst in the pancreas?

Secondary splenic cyst can also result from splenic infarcts, infections or in combination with pancreatic pseudocysts, mostly after acute pancreatitis. Splenic cyst of this type can even occur due to pyogenic splenic abscess. The common types and causes of splenic cysts are discussed in detail below.

When to treat spleen cyst?

Asymptomatic and uncomplicated cases of splenic cysts may not require any treatment. Treatment of splenic cysts include surgical removal of spleen or splenectomy, if appropriate. This surgical procedure is performed when the size of the cyst on spleen is large or when there is a risk of spread of infection.

Is there any treatment for a cyst on the spleen?

Treatment through aspiration of the cyst or decapsulation preserves the spleen but with a high rate of recurrence. Optimal treatment is partial splenectomy. A portion of healthy splenic tissue is included that avoids recurrence and preserves the organ.

How to treat a cyst in my spleen?

The main surgical methods: Removal of the affected part of the spleen. Culling of the wall of the cyst. Cysts are excavated together with the walls. Opening and emptying the cyst with treatment of its cavity with various solutions.

What causes splenic cysts?

The common types and causes of splenic cysts are discussed in detail below. Parasitic splenic cysts may occur due to parasitic infections in the body. Splenic cyst can also result from hydatid cysts in the body, which are parasites of tapeworm.