What are you seeing or what do you see?

What are you seeing or what do you see?

“What do you see?” implies that the seeing just started. If you poke your head over a fence, your short friend might ask you, “What do you see?” And you’d say, “The batter just struck out.” “What are you seeing?” implies that the seeing has been occurring for a while. For that reason, it’s much less common.

Who are you seeing meaning?

(someone) is seeing (someone) “Seeing” someone means dating them or in a romantic relationship with them. For example: Are they seeing each other? I was interested in her at the time, but she was already seeing someone.

Are you seeing what I’m seeing meaning?

I’m seeing what you mean – I’m in the process of understanding what you mean.

What do you see means?

What do you see (here)?: What are your observations, what is in your sight, what do you notice (here)?

What’s the difference between seeing and looking?

“See” means to notice or become aware of someone or something by using your eyes. “Look” means to direct your eyes in a particular direction.

Are you seeing someone else Meaning?

Seeing someone. This term is used to state that you are unavailable to anyone else due to a commitment to another that may or may not be serious. The main issue is that you are focused on another relationship right now. It can refer to both a sexually intimate relationship, or just a dating relationship.

Are you seeing anyone right now meaning?

Someone is more personal essentially, it means: Are you seeing someone (special)? But you can use anyone if you like. And you can ask this of someone without wanting to date them, yes.

What does I see what you mean mean?

used for telling someone that you understand what they are saying. ‘Nobody’s going to support her if she acts like that. ‘ ‘I see what you mean.

What can I say instead of you see?

Other Ways to Say As You Can See!

  • evidently.
  • as is evident (from)
  • obviously.
  • clearly.
  • indubitably.
  • as demonstrated.
  • as it has been pointed out.
  • as it might be seen.

What is the meaning of see you around?

informal. —used to say goodbye “I guess I’ll be going now.” “OK. (I’ll) See you later.”

Why do we see what we want to see?

As research is demonstrating, these influences taint not only our cognition, emotions, and behavior, but also—quite literally—how we see the world. According to lead author Yuan Chang Leong, their latest study has two important implications. The first one has to do with our representation of the world.

What’s the difference between ” what are you seeing ” and ” what do you see “?

“What are you seeing?” implies that the seeing has been occurring for a while. For that reason, it’s much less common. If you’ve been spying on someone with binoculars, your spy buddy might ask you, “What are you seeing?”

Why does ” see you or to see you ” not work?

That is why “see” doesn’t work. There are a few other cases like this- we are accustomed to seeing someone, and phrasal verbs with two particles, where the second is to as in your example, take -ing . How can I find the whole list of such phrasal verbs?

Why do some people not see things at all?

Many people will not see anything. It depends, in part, on the innate ability to see patterns, and in part on the natural inclinations and interests of the viewer. In some cases the image will immediately pop out, while for some folks it will come after a little close examination, and others may not be able to see it at all. Here’s a close-up.

Why do my eyes keeping going out of focus?

When astigmatism grows severe enough, light cannot focus as well on your retina, and your vision may become blurry. Generally, people have astigmatism from birth, and the condition may be inherited from your parents.

Why do you sometimes see stars and flashes of light?

As we get older, the composition of the vitreous changes and becomes less firm. This change sometimes causes the vitreous to pull on the retina. If the force of the pulling becomes strong enough, the vitreous may actually separate from the retina. When this occurs, we see flashes of light or stars. Most of the time a PVD is annoying but harmless.

Why do I See Stars sometimes when I sneeze?

If you see stars or flashes after sneezing, it could be from a pressure on the eye itself, or from stimulation of the nerves that have to do with sight . After standing on your head, or getting up quickly after lying down, blood pressure can drop, and the brain can be deprived of oxygen,…

Why do we see things?

From mental illness to quirks in how you sleep, there are a lot of reasons you may be seeing things. Alcohol and illegal drugs. Heavy drinking and certain street drugs, like ecstasy, cocaine, and LSD, can cause you to see anything from flashes of light to people. They can have the same effect when you quit after having used them for a long time.