What are the various factors that affect our health?

What are the various factors that affect our health?

Factors affecting human health can be divided into two categories: I. Intrinsic or internal factors and II. Extrinsic or external factors. Disease-causing factors found within the human body are called intrinsic factors.

What are the different types of human factors?

“Human factors refer to environmental, organisational and job factors, and human and individual characteristics, which influence behaviour at work in a way which can affect health and safety” (Health and Safety Executive, Reducing error and influencing behaviour HSG48) Who uses it?

Which is the most important determinant of Health?

91 FACTORS AFFECTING HEALTH Factors affecting health, the social and economic conditions in which people are born, grow, live, work, and age, are called the social determinants of health. Since the mid 1980s, the understanding that these determinants of health are

How does the external environment affect your health?

External factors pertain to the direct outer environment, the geographical location and micro-organisms that could affect an individual’s health. Smoking adversely affects a person’s metabolism and life expectancy.

What are five factors that influence your health?

These five factors greatly influence the health of your physiology in terms of both the mind and body. Each of these are equally important and you must have a balance of all five. These five factors should play a role in your day-to-day routine. The five factors are diet, exercise, sleep, activity, and happiness.

What are factors affect health the most?

Factors Affecting Individual Health Lifestyle and Health. Lifestyle — or a typical way of life, as health specialists often define it — could affect an individual’s health and life expectancy. Smoking and Imbalanced Diet. Smoking adversely affects a person’s metabolism and life expectancy. Natural Habitat. Work Environment.

What are four influences on health?

The four influences on health status are: medical care – 10% of health status – you don’t have much control over medical care. lifestyle – 40% of health status – you have more control over your lifestyle. genetics – 30% of health status – you have no control over your genetics.

What factors determine health?

Individual factors. The individual factors that determine health are factors identified within an individual, including: attitudes, knowledge, skills, genetics, and personal characteristics.