The concept and the types of dissertation

Nowadays the availability of a degree is becoming more and more popular. This is due to the fact that most people along with it receive a number of advantages, such as a postponement from the army for young people, obtaining a prestigious position and simply improving social status.

However, most beginning researchers wishing to obtain an academic degree faced questions in its writing:

  • search for information;
  • methods of writing;
  • registration of the dissertation;
  • the procedure for its protection.

These problems may prompt them to use the services of professional dissertation writing.

Definition of dissertation

A dissertation is a special, well-established form of a scientific work, which has a scientific character, intended for public protection and as a result of awarding a postgraduate degree.

The dissertation is the most common type of scientific work. However, this is a study of a particular genre, which has its own characteristics and rules. Being a scientific work, the thesis should be logical and integral. When writing this type of scientific work, the dissertation should be extremely careful not to move to another genre.

The dissertation is the scientific research of one particular person, his contribution to the development of science.

There are the following types of dissertations:

  • master’s thesis;
  • candidate’s dissertation;
  • doctoral dissertation.

Let us consider in order these types of dissertations.

Master’s thesis

Master’s thesis is a scientific work in the defence of which the applicant receives a master’s degree. This title is more prestigious than the title of bachelor or specialist. It guarantees the holder to receive a prestigious high-paying position speciality.

To be able to protect the master’s thesis must finish the master course, where you will be received the necessary knowledge and skills to conduct the study.

It is worth noting that in comparison with the candidate’s dissertation, the master’s thesis is not very difficult work. In fact, it is a project to conduct a little more in-depth scientific research than in the dissertation. Very often, the master’s thesis is a kind of continuation of the dissertation project, revealing its topic wider and deeper.