Storage Trends in Sydney

Storage Trends in Sydney


Australia is one of the world’s richest countries and its storage trends have diversity due to changes in the lifestyles of the citizens. The Australian self-storage sector is highly fragmented. New research has proved that the self-storage industry is in the midst of an unprecedented building boom fueled by growth in apartment living. The supply of storage units in Australia is set to swell by more than 10 percent in less than two years. Thirty-one self-storage facilities have been proposed in Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane over the next two years, nine of which were lodged by new market competitors. It provides convenient access to stored items making super easy storage. With city office space and residential apartments offering limited storage space for items one needs but doesn’t have the room for.

Types of Storage Trending in Sydney

Following are few examples of storage trends that’s been immensely followed by the citizens;

  • Personal Storage

It includes self-storage units, luggage storage, and self-storage lockers. Whether it be a traveler, student, or resident living in Sydney, personal storage is needed. With the increase in popularity of apartment living in Australia, more people are looking for additional storage spaces for their belongings. Lifestyle has changed and people prefer to shift into smaller apartments. It provides the space for a modern lifestyle. It includes no minimum storage period, the storage solutions may be suitable for just weekends or on a permanent basis. It is ideal for storing all sorts of household items from furniture, books to clothes, electrical appliances to unused seasonal items, sporting goods, etc.

  • Retail Storage

Self-storage units provide a budget solution for storing items. Managed storage incorporates modern management systems for retail items. Storage facilities can accurately track items, collect, receive and deliver them when and where it’s needed. It reduces the fuss and bothers when handling items when you haven’t the time, resources or space to manage them. Serviced Storage is the ultimate retail storage and service solution. Providing courier dispatch and inventory management services including packing, deliveries, stock takes and stock transfers, the retail stock is considered to be in safe hands. Due to all of these facilities and ease in storing retail products, retailers often choose this facility in Sydney.

  • Business Storage

As the growth rate of several businesses is high in Sydney. Businessmen use storage facilities when their business outgrows their space. Whether it be a small or large company, home office, or independent trader, each one of them needs space to stock up their excess office material, furniture, or printed material. As business needs grow, one needs a self-storage solution that works in a positive way. Self-storage facilities provide a wide array of container sizes to choose from. One can be sure to find the right size of storage container for business products if ever needed for more or less space.

Why is it trending?

Storage provides solutions for every budget and it can be booked online too. Simply the type of storage and amount of space needed is chosen along with the date that is planned to move and the problem to stock up the excess material is solved.

Accessibility – Sydney is the heart of Australia. It is easy to access by the clients. Storage bays are also easily accessible onsite, with drive-up access for easy unloading of the goods.

Security – It provides good security standards along with legal protection. People living in Sydney prefer choosing it as they are sure of its safety.

Affordability – The affordable rates attract clients. They prefer storing their items in storing unit as they can afford the cost.