Is Wally Varner still alive?

Is Wally Varner still alive?

Wally fought the disease for well over a year. He was 78 years of age and would have been 79 on January 13….Wallace Belmont “Wally” Varner.

Birth 13 Jan 1926 USA
Death 28 Dec 2004 (aged 78) Winter Haven, Polk County, Florida, USA
Burial Rolling Hills Cemetery Winter Haven, Polk County, Florida, USA
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Who is Wally Varner?

Wally Varner was a Southern Gospel musician and songwriter. Beginning his career in the 1940s, Varner was with the Homeland Harmony Quartet, Revelaires Quartet, Deep South Quartet, Melody Masters Quartet, the Jubil-aires, and the Blackwood Brothers.

When did Wally Batty die in last of the summer?

Wally had a passion for racing pigeons and owned a motorbike and sidecar, occasionally taking Nora for a spin around the countryside. With the death of Joe Gladwin in 1987, the character died off screen, but is still occasionally mentioned.

What kind of cancer did John Varney have?

At first, it was thought that he might have caught a cold because of the climate of the area where the movie was being filmed. However, as the cough became worse, Varney began noticing blood on his handkerchief and, after filming was complete, he went to a doctor. A chain smoker, Varney had developed lung cancer.

What was the cause of Walter Swinburn’s death?

Dr Shirley Radcliffe ruled the 55-year-old former jockey, made famous by his association with Shergar, died as the result of head injuries and said there was no evidence he had intended to take his own life. “She confirmed he had fallen from his bathroom window,” a coroner’s officer reported.

Who was Wally Batty’s unseen husband in community?

(Note: in the pilot episode of the series, which was part of the Comedy Playhouse strand, Nora referred to her unseen husband as Harold, not Wally). Community content is available under CC-BY-SA unless otherwise noted.