Is SuperBeets a ripoff?

Is SuperBeets a ripoff?

Though the supplement appears to be safe at the recommended dose, no studies exist on its safety or side effects. The most common criticism of the product is its displeasing taste. SuperBeets may also prove expensive for regular users. A 150-gram canister of 30 servings costs $39.95.

How many SuperBeets chews do you take a day?

two chews
SuperBeets Heart Chews can be consumed at any time of day, but we recommend taking a full serving of two chews in the morning to kick-start your day with this heart-healthy powerhouse.

Does SuperBeets lower blood pressure?

Beets contain naturally high levels of nitrates, which your digestive system converts into nitric oxide. This compound relaxes and widens blood vessels, which, in turn, lowers blood pressure.

How much nitric oxide is in SuperBeets?

SuperBeets helps support healthy circulation, heart health, and healthy blood pressure levels with the nitric oxide potential of non-GMO beets grown in the U.S.A. SuperBeets Energy Plus is infused with 80 mg.

How long does it take SuperBeets to work?

The small study of 13 adults found that after four weeks, those supplementing with SuperBeets experienced a reduction in systolic blood pressure (1). Since no other studies have been done on the supplement itself, the best we can do is look at other research done on beetroots and beetroot juice.

Is SuperBeets a good product?

Summary: SuperBeets receives fairly mixed reviews from customers online. Most positive reviews report a noticeable boost in energy and some have experienced a minor decrease in blood pressure levels. Negative reviews complain of the price, the bad taste, and lack of results.

What are the benefits of SuperBeets soft chews?

HumanN SuperBeets Heart Chews

  • Promote Normal Blood Pressure as Part of a Healthy Lifestyle.
  • Provide Circulatory Support.
  • Promote Improved Heart-Healthy Energy.
  • Support Heart Health.
  • Provide antioxidant support to help protect against oxidative stress & damage.

    How long does it take for SuperBeets to work?

    Is SuperBeets good for your kidneys?

    A: Unless you have had a kidney stone, you may not be in any danger. If you are susceptible to oxalate-containing kidney stones, however, then beets, beet greens and beetroot powder could pose a problem. They are quite high in oxalates and may promote kidney-stone formation in susceptible individuals.