Is pituitary Macroadenoma a tumor?

Is pituitary Macroadenoma a tumor?

A macroadenoma is a usually benign tumor composed of glandular tissue growth larger than 10 mm (those under 10 mm are called microadenomas) in the pituitary gland. The term macro simply refers to its size. Macroadenomas can cause symptoms because they grow and press on nearby brain structures.

Can a pituitary microadenoma be a functioning tumor?

Symptoms of a pituitary microadenoma. Many pituitary tumors are not cancerous and do not progress to cause symptoms. However, pituitary microadenomas are more likely to be functioning tumors, which means that they produce hormones. The hormone imbalance that can be caused by pituitary microadenomas can produce a number of symptoms,…

How is pituitary macroadenoma removed from the skull?

Most often, a surgeon will remove a pituitary tumor by making an opening in the skull or the upper lip, or by accessing the tumor through the nasal passages. Radiation therapy may also be used to treat a pituitary macroadenoma. During radiation therapy, high-energy X-rays are delivered directly to the tumor to shrink it.

Can a microadenoma be an incidental finding?

Rarely they can be an incidental finding, however as by their very nature microadenomas are difficult to identify on anything other than dedicated pituitary imaging. Historically, before the advent of MRI, the pituitary was imaged with lateral skull x-rays (looking for remodeling of the pituitary fossa), and later with CT.

What kind of tumor is a pituitary tumor?

She said, well it looks like she has a microadenoma, which is a pituitary tumor but you don’t need to concern yourself with it, one in 10 people if in a car accident will have the same thing. I guess she considered herself an expert in this field of endocrinology, but it did concern me and her disregard for my concern was rather cold.

What is the prognosis of pituitary macroadenomas?

Microadenomas do not cause excess mortality. These tumors generally are too small to cause pain, diplopia, or pressure on the optic chiasm. Otherwise-normal anterior and posterior pituitary function remains intact. Any morbidity is caused by excessive hormone secretionor patient anxiety.

What is the treatment for pituitary tumor?

Treatments for pituitary tumors include surgical removal of the tumor; radiation therapy, using high-doses of x-rays to kill tumor cells; and/or drug therapy, using certain medications to block the pituitary gland from producing too many hormones. The most common treatment is surgery.

What is a macro pituitary tumor?

Pituitary Adenoma (Micro and Macro) Pituitary adenoma is a tumor that occurs in the pituitary gland, the pea-sized organ in the center of the brain and just above the back of the nose.