Is generic Propecia just as effective?

Is generic Propecia just as effective?

Generic Propecia, which is often referred to simply as finasteride, contains the same ingredient as the brand name Propecia sold by Merck. It has the same effects within your body and is just as effective at slowing down or preventing the effects of male pattern baldness.

Is generic Propecia safe?

Yes, finasteride is safe! A seven-year-long study tested the effects of long-term consumption of finasteride and observed no serious long-term consequences. However, there are possible side effects of taking finasteride.

Is Propecia more effective than generic finasteride?

Yes. Even though generic finasteride is cheaper than Propecia, it works just as well. Both finasteride and Propecia are effective treatments to halt male pattern baldness and return lost hair.

Does Propecia stop thinning?

You may need to take Propecia for up to 3 months before you see a benefit, although the best results may take up to 12 months to appear for some men. However the good news is Propecia stops hair loss in 8 out of 10 men who take it for 12 months – and two thirds of men taking Propecia enjoy some form of hair regrowth.

Is saw palmetto better than finasteride?

Research published in the journal American Family Physician notes that saw palmetto appears to be equally as effective as finasteride at managing the symptoms of BPH. However, this does not mean that saw palmetto should be used in place of finasteride or other medications to treat BPH.

Should I start with minoxidil or finasteride?

While finasteride works best at arresting progression of genetically programmed hair loss, some men will achieve partial regrowth. The sooner you begin treatment, the more hair there is to protect. Minoxidil is better at stimulating new growth rather than preventing progression.

What’s the difference between Propecia and generic finasteride?

Propecia is the brand name for 1 mg generic finasteride pills. These are very effective hair loss treatments. They both have the same active ingredient (finasteride) and work by inhibiting the formation of DHT, which is a body chemical that is responsible for male pattern hair loss.

Is it safe to take 1 mg of Propecia for hair loss?

The 1 mg dose is approved by the FDA to treat hair loss, and doctors have seen Propecia work over and over again, for nearly 20 years, when prescribed as directed. 3. Half a Dose Doesn’t Necessarily Mean Half the Side Effects The side effect profile of low-dose Propecia vs the standard dose hasn’t been studied to my knowledge.

Is there a generic version of Propecia in Canada?

No. Generic finasteride has been found by health Canada to be just as effective as Propecia—they’re bioequivalent. If they weren’t, generic finasteride would not have been approved for sale in Canada. Other generic hair loss treatments include:

Are there any side effects of Propecia for women?

So while researchers have not found the optimal dosage, Propecia’s role in female pattern hair loss is still controversial. While some women with female pattern hair loss might benefit from Propecia, a better understanding of the side-effects and ideal dosage are needed.

Is there a generic Propecia in the UK?

If generics were this risky venture you’d think a good chunk of the country would be be up in arms to due to medication not working. This obviously doesn’t happen. Moreover, Merk itself produces it’s finasteride oveseas. It says it right on the Propecia bottle :”Finasteride (Active Ingredient)-Made In UK.

Is it safe for women to take Propecia?

Originally created as a treatment for enlarged prostate and marketed as Proscar (generic name finasteride), Propecia is a hair-loss medication that many people turn to. And while the American Hair Loss Association lists this remedy as a medication that women can take,…

Which is better for hair loss finasteride or Propecia?

The good news is, finasteride is very effective in the majority of people who take it to treat their male pattern baldness.

When is diffuse thinning less effective than Propecia?

Diffuse thinning – is propecia less effective. When hair begins to shed shortly after beginning medical treatments such as minoxidil or finasteride, we generally explain this as the medication taking over the normal hair cycling process, resulting in a temporary hair loss, followed by regrowth.