Importance Of Facebook Likes For Online Businesses

Importance Of Facebook Likes For Online Businesses

Facebook is one of the most important social media platforms available for online businesses. In fact, it could be the most crucial for most businesses.

With more than 2.8 billion monthly active users, Facebook represents a fantastic opportunity for businesses to increase awareness and boost their chances of making more sales.

However, it doesn’t come on a platter. There is work to do to get increased reach, and one of the ways to boost your business’ popularity is by getting more likes for your Facebook page and on your posts.

Thankfully, you can easily get massive likes on your page with an intelligent tool known as FB auto liker. The Facebook auto liker tool can automatically increase your Facebook likes by auto liking comments, replies and other pages.

For online businesses who are just starting and those that have been around for quite some time but have struggled with engagement, an FB auto liker tool can help get enormous Facebook likes that will almost certainly increase engagements and direct interest to their page.

With the way the Facebook algorithm is designed, it doesn’t matter if the likes are auto likes. As long as you have many likes on your page, you can expect huge rewards.

Another benefit of this tool is that it does not spam – it is predefined. This means it will not go on a ‘liking spree’ but instead like the relevant comments and pages you want.

This can help you boost your business’ recognition in record time. Besides increasing brand awareness, there are many other benefits your business stands to gain once you boost the likes on your page.

  • Increased Facebook likes are social proof.

Facebook likes show users how credible and popular your business is. When Facebook page visitors and prospects see that your business page records a huge number of likes, it comes off as social proof because they believe many other people trust your brand.

Your potential customers are more likely to interact with your business page or buy from you when they believe other people are already doing so.

Many social media users attach increased likes to endorsements from other people, which is important in giving them the confidence to make buying decisions.

  • Increases engagements on your Facebook page

More likes mean increased engagements. Liking a comment opens the opportunity for more interaction which can boost traffic on your Facebook page.

  • Improves your chances of conversions

When you have many likes on your Facebook page, you will reach more people, which gives you increased chances of making more sales.

As more people get to see your business page and the services you offer, there is an increased likelihood of getting more conversions either immediately or in the long run.

With the way the Facebook algorithm is designed, each like means your page will appear to the friends of the user that liked it.

This may not guarantee you more likes, but it certainly gives your Facebook business page more exposure.

  • Facebook likes leads to insights

Every Facebook page has an analytics feature known as insights that can give detailed data on a page’s fan activity and other demographics that help you know their age, geographic location, gender, etc.

All these can be important during your marketing research or whenever you want to create Facebook ads.

  • Helps you build a good relationship with customers

Whether people admit it or not, likes can have a psychological effect. Lesser likes on your post, page or comment can be demotivating, while increased likes can inject some energy into you.

The same goes for your customers and fans. Getting likes from a business page they patronise can positively impact their buying behaviour and help develop meaningful relationships.

Liking their comments on your page also makes them feel heard and appreciated, which goes a long way in keeping them loyal to your brand.

  • More traffic to your eCommerce website

A like button on your website can help you increase traffic. Every time your web visitors click the button, your site’s information will be shared with their friends through the news feed; hence, resulting in more traffic.

You can add the like button to your website’s header or blog to boost your Facebook likes. Of all Facebook’s social plug-ins, like buttons are one of the easiest to embed on a web page or website.