How to Stick to Your Monthly Budget?

How to Stick to Your Monthly Budget?

Commit before you make a budget! Yes, budgeting gets easy, sticking to it doesn’t! It is said because maintaining a perfect balance between your earnings and expenditure means giving up on things you like.

It’s no less than paying for a gym membership and not actually going to the gym. But with the right commitment and adherence, you can easily stick to your monthly budget. Here are a few suggestions for financial budgeting wisdom.

Ditch your credit cards!

Owning a credit card directly means you would be using it for nearly all your purchases, and by the month-end, you end up paying more than you plan. The comfort of a credit card is also the reason for the discomfort. Shift to spending from your actual savings accounts so that you know what money you got to spend! Your actual money moving away from you is, by far, the best psychological trick to spend less.

How to Stick to Your Monthly Budget?

Avoid the non-essential

If you are facing troubles with extravagant expenditures, this step is right for you! It’s always fair to not spend rather than regretting your purchase decisions. Shopping in malls and stores can get beyond control and then make you bankrupt sooner.

Try to spend only on the bare minimum essentials and delay any other purchases. Want to buy a recliner for your room? Save for it this month and buy it next month. This trick works great when you have limited cash.

There is always one non-essential that you would be urged to buy, and that’s what you need to avoid!

Minimal outside food

You would probably end up spending a ton of money without even realizing it, especially food lovers. The more you prefer to eat at home, the more you are friendly towards your pocket and better health!

And the savings on food can be as high as 40% of your expenses. If you have had the habit of being a regular McDonalds or KFC customer, take up the challenge and be there only once a month! You would see yourself getting budget-friendly.

Build the habit of cooking your own food, and you will love the feeling!

Find your budget, buddy!

You would always have that budget-friendly person, aka accountability friend in your life. Be it a friend, spouse, or family! Ask your budget buddy to keep an eye on your expenditure and ask out for budgeting help. If your budget buddy is your spouse, make the savings together!

Plan out budget meetings at regular intervals and check each other’s expense book. Advise each other at times. No point in getting shy on this part! For, in the end, you would be light on your very own pockets. Go, find your budget buddy today!

Need more help? At we have the best services to help you. If you tried every trick and still short on money, all you need is an advance. Simply payback on your salary day and start afresh on your budgeting from the next month. Happy Budgeting!