How soon after hitting your head should you get tested?

How soon after hitting your head should you get tested?

When should I see my doctor? You should see your doctor after a head injury if you have any of the symptoms listed above. You should see your doctor right away or go to the emergency room if you have bad headaches, repeated vomiting, difficulty using your arms or legs, or worsening sleepiness or confusion.

Can you feel fine after a concussion?

Yes, symptoms of a concussion can come and go. Some patients feel great after their initial recovery. Then a few days or weeks later, those symptoms return with ferocity.

How long has it been since I hit my Head?

I hit my head 2years ago my head still hurts on left side of top of head I only need to touch it and its sore went to doc he said it was very badly bruised.what’s going on I wish someone could answer this. I was riding on a water float behind a boat over 10 years ago and the head of the person riding behind me collided with the back of mine.

What happens if you hit Your Head on the floor?

They only fall 3 feet, but they hit their head on the floor, resulting in severe brain injury or even death,” Benzel says. Concussion symptoms aren’t always totally obvious, and they often don’t last long.

What happens when you hit your head hard and Dont Know you have a concussion?

In the couple of weeks following a head injury, watch out for the symptoms of concussion, including headache, difficulty concentrating, and confusion. “That means it’s not healed yet,” Benzel says. That goes even if you hit your head hard but didn’t think you had a concussion, because it’s possible to have brain injury and not know it.

Do you get a headache when you hit Your Head?

I hit my head months ago, but it still hurts when touched. I don’t really get a headache, but it hurts. And it feels like there’s a bump still under the skin, and when I move the scalp over it, I can feel the bump move and that makes it hurt worse.