How many Shoppers Drug Marts are there in Canada?

How many Shoppers Drug Marts are there in Canada?

1,300 Shoppers Drug Mart
With more than 1,300 Shoppers Drug Mart® stores across Canada, we are proud to provide our customers with health, wellness, beauty and household essentials.

How many Shoppers Drug Marts are there in Ontario?

678 Shoppers Drug Mart
678 Shoppers Drug Mart locations in Ontario.

Who owns Shoppers Drugmart?

Loblaw Companies
Shoppers Drug Mart/Parent organizations

Loblaw Companies Limited acquires Shoppers Drug Mart Corporation for $12.4 billion in cash and stock, bringing together two iconic Canadian brands: delivering more choice, value and convenience to help Canadians Live Life Well®.

What provinces have Shoppers Drug Mart?

Top Provinces with the most Shoppers Drug Mart locations: Ontario Vs. British Columbia Vs. Quebec

  • Ontario. Population: 14.45M. 678 Location (48%)
  • British Columbia. Population: 5.02M. 184 Location (13%)
  • Quebec. Population: 8.43M. 177 Location (12%)

    Who owns Canadian Tire now?

    As of August 2019, the company had 503 stores. The current President and CEO is Greg Hicks.

    Does shoppers sell President’s Choice?

    (“Shoppers Drug Mart”) and their respective parents, subsidiaries and affiliates (together, “Loblaw”) offer plastic and electronic President’s Choice®, Joe Fresh®, Shoppers Drug Mart®, Pharmaprix® and Beauty Boutique™ and Galerie BeautéMC gift cards, or other gift cards as determined by Loblaw from time to time ( …

    Is shoppers owned by government?

    Shoppers Drug Mart is a wholly owned subsidiary of Loblaw Companies Limited, which itself is a subsidiary of George Weston Limited. It operates drugstores, pharmacies, medical supply stores and beauty boutiques.

    Who is the CEO of Shoppers Drug Mart?

    Jeff Leger (Jan 2018–)
    Shoppers Drug Mart/CEO

    What is a comfortable salary in Canada?

    Find out what the average Good salary is The average good salary in Canada is $77,772 per year or $39.88 per hour. Entry level positions start at $33,210 per year while most experienced workers make up to $120,000 per year.

    Who is Canada’s largest retailer?

    Weston Group
    3. Major actors within the Canadian Retail Marketplace

    Rank Retailer % of total retail sales
    Source: (Daniel and Hernandez, 2012)
    1. Weston Group 10.61
    2. Wal-Mart Stores Inc. 7.89
    3. Empire Company Ltd. 5.37

    Where are the Shoppers Drug Mart stores located?

    Shoppers Drug Mart Corporation is a Canadian retail pharmacy chain based in Toronto, Ontario. It has more than 1,300 stores operating under the names Shoppers Drug Mart in nine provinces and two territories and Pharmaprix in Quebec.

    How much does Shoppers Drug Mart make in Canada?

    Shoppers Drug Mart is now among the leading pharmacy retailers in Canada, with one in three Canadians participating in their Shoppers Optimum loyalty program. In 2018, the company generated approximately 12.87 million Canadian dollars in retail sales, including more than six million Canadian dollars in pharmacy sales.

    When was Shoppers Drug Mart acquired by Loblaw Companies?

    It also uses some of the same private-label brands, such as Life Brand and Quo . In 2014, Brampton -based Loblaw Companies Limited acquired Shoppers Drug Mart Corporation for $12.4 billion in cash and stock. By early 2016, Shoppers had over 1,300 locations in Canada.

    When is Seniors Day at Shoppers Drug Mart?

    A Shoppers Drug Mart Exclusive. A Shoppers Drug Mart Exclusive: Thursday, August 20, 2020, is Seniors’ Day. Seniors save 20% with a PC Optimum card on regular priced merchandise. August 11 to September 1: Our Top Picks Contest.