How long has my left knee been swollen?

How long has my left knee been swollen?

I have had a swollen left knee for about two weeks. It is very stiff and now painful and ankle and foot feel a bit numb. I have been putting anti-inflamatory gel on it, but it doesn’t seem to be getti … read more MY FOOT & ANKLE AREA HAS BEEN SWOLLEN & BRUISED FOR ABOUT 5 DAYS.

When to see a doctor for swollen knee?

If the swelling doesn’t decrease and the pain becomes unbearable, you can have a doctor take a look at it. Doctors are more experienced in treating the injured body part so this could be a wise way to treat the swollen knee. It can also avoid further injuries or infections around the area.

Why does my knee hurt when I Fall?

There are injuries that could happen while you are out doing your activities. However, one of those activities may accidentally cause you to fall and hurt your knee. As a result, your knee starts to hurt and become swollen. No need to panic as this article will tell you the 13 How to Treat Swollen Knee from Fall.

What to do with a swollen knee after a fall?

Do not consume alcohol while you have a swollen knee. It will only make the injury worse. Moreover, it takes more time for the knee to heal if you drink alcohol. Alcohol has the ability to inflame your body and the injured knee does not need that. 13. Take Cold Baths Take cold baths or cold showers instead of hot ones.

What causes swelling in knee after a fall?

Swelling of the knee can indicate a torn ligament or fracture. Your knee feeling warm to the touch after a fall could be a sign of inflammation stemming from an injured tendon or muscle.

What happens to your knee after a hard fall?

The pain diminshes but persists after the dislocation is relieved. Other symptoms include swelling and inability to bear weight. A hard fall can lead to a bone fracture involving the knee joint. Symptoms of a patella fracture include immediate pain, swelling, inability to completely bend or straighten the knee, and inability to walk.

Why does my knee hurt when I fall on concrete?

A fall on concrete or any other hard surface might result in a fracture in the tibia, the patella, or any other bony structure of the knee. It typically causes a lot of pain and swelling, among other signs and symptoms we will cover in the next section. High-risk patients and warning signs

Is it normal to have fluid in your knee after an injury?

Your knee is swollen. It might not be a big deal for your knee to have a small amount of fluid present. On the other hand, if your knee swells up like a basketball in the first few hours after an injury, you could have an ACL tear or fracture.