How is bilateral pneumonia treated?

How is bilateral pneumonia treated?

If you get pneumonia as a result of the virus, your doctor may help you breathe by giving you oxygen through a mask or tubes. If it’s very serious, you might need a breathing machine. Some early studies have shown that an antibiotic drug called azithromycin might help.

Why does bilateral pneumonia occur in both lungs?

Bilateral Pneumonia – Why It Happens And How It Is Treated? Bilateral Pneumonia or as it is more commonly referred to “ double pneumonia ” refers to an infection that occurs in both of the lungs. It can be a complex illness involving more than just the lungs themselves including the bronchi as well as the stem of the lungs as well.

Is there a difference between pneumonia and bronchopneumonia?

Bronchopneumonia refers to a severe inflammation or swelling of the walls of the bronchioles. Although it us similar to ordinary pneumonia, is can be more acute in nature and need different type of medical treatment. This inflammatory condition of the lungs spreads from and after bronchial infection.

Can a person get bilateral pneumonia from alcohol?

People who abuse alcohol may contract bilateral pneumonia. Bilateral pneumonia, or double pneumonia, is a bacterial, viral or fungal infection that affects both lungs. Affected patients have fluid in the lungs and have difficulty breathing. Pneumonia is a serious condition that can lead to death if it remains untreated.

How can I tell if I have bilateral pneumonia?

An imaging study such as chest x-ray will also be ordered to check white patches on the lungs. The result of the laboratory test and presence of white patches on x-ray images confirm the diagnosis of bilateral pneumonia. (5, 6) How serious is it? Bilateral pneumonia is a severe type of pneumonia. Bilateral pneumonia mortality rate is high.

What causes bilateral pneumonia?

The reasons for the development of bilateral pneumonia. Bilateral pneumonia is often triggered by the influence of harmful microorganisms in the lung tissue. The most common pathogen of this disease is Streptococcus pneumoniae , less the disease can be caused by Haemophilus influenzae , Staphylococcus aureus or multiple pathogens simultaneously.

Is bilateral pneumonia contagious?

Pneumonia by itself is not contagious but microbes that cause it are. This means if you contract microbes from a person who has single or double pneumonia you may not develop any disease or possibly some milder disease, like the flu, and only sometimes pneumonia, especially if you have weak immunity.

What are the symptoms of walking pneumonia?

Symptoms can also resemble a flare-up of an existing lung condition that is marked by breathlessness, such as asthma. Common symptoms of walking pneumonia include a cough and a low-grade fever, usually no higher than 101°F, coupled with general feelings of tiredness and a headache.

Is bronchial pneumonia serious?

Bronchial pneumonia can have serious health risks if it is not promptly treated. Bacteria can attack the bronchial tubes to the point where they become so inflamed that air cannot pass through.