How do you write an instructional objective?

How do you write an instructional objective?

To be effective, instructional objectives should be:Specific. Instructional objectives should precisely describe what is expected of a learner. Measurable. A measurable instructional objective is one that can be observed or one that generates data points. Attainable. Relevant. Time-framed.

How do you write instructional goals and objectives?

Your first step in designing a course using the Instructional Design Wizard is to define your learning goals for the course….Setting learning objectivesFocus on the learner.Break down the task to observable cognitive processes.Use action verbs.Are measurable.

What are the different types of learning objectives?

Types of Learning ObjectivesCognitive: having to do with knowledge and mental skills.Psychomotor: having to do with physical motor skills.Affective: having to do with feelings and attitudes.Interpersonal/Social: having to do with interactions with others and social skills.