How Do You Use Ceramic Butter Dish

How Do You Use Ceramic Butter Dish

Ceramic dishes keep nutritious butter fresh and cool longer at the normal room temperature. The smooth butter ceramic base is designed with a top cover for preserving the delicious butter. People should check a quick hands-free demo to become comfortable to handle the classic ceramic butter preservation dishes. Steps of storing butter into the ceramic dishes are easy.

Choose Proper Ceramic Butter Dish

Non-toxic ceramic device for keeping butter safe is durable. Depending on the standard size of the ceramic tray or base, put the butter stick/ cube in the compartment of the dish.

Different Parts of Butter Dish

There are two sections which complete the whole infrastructure of the ceramic butter dish. The bigger part of the container holds water. Other portion of the dish is made for keeping the butter.


• Take a cube of soft butter for inserting it in the small size cup of the device. See, your hands must be cleaned and fresh without dirt. Water which you intend to pour into the base of the dish should be cool as well.

• The cube of the butter should be half-unwrapped. Hold the wrapped end of the butter stick comfortably for dripping the open part into cup. With your soft palms, press the butter cube in the cup. You must not break or smash the butter into pieces. On the other hand, arrange a bottle of contamination free hygienic water. Fill up the big compartment with water. Well, the level of the water in the base is around 1 and 1/2 inches. It will be a perfect sealant to refresh the butter in normal temperature.

• The butter cube should be snugly adjusted and fitted into the tiny cup or lid. The whole butter will be forced to go inside the cup after being unwrapped. Now, place the cup/ the lid on the base upside down. The lip of the butter stick/cube should be submersed in the water of the base of the ceramic dish. Butter will be soft and flavorful without thawing.

Points to Remember

If possible, you need to change the water after two to three days. Your French butter will stay tasty longer than if you keep it open in the room.

Clean Butter Dish

After using up the whole butter, try to clean the ceramic butter dish for maintenance.

Don’t Keep Your Butter Cube Close to Sunlight

Avoid the direct sunlight when you put the butter dish on countertop. The butter starts slipping out of the cup to mix with the water due to close contact with the hot temperature.

Well, ceramic butter dishware is a valuable thing for you. Without refrigeration, your butter is obviously palatable to taste. However, people should examine the condition of the butter. If it is discolored with bad odor coming out of the base, it is better to replace the butter. Otherwise, it will be stale and toxic. Certainly, your ceramic dishware must be disinfected.

The ceramic butter dish enhances the freshness and natural aroma of the delicious French butter. The pottery crocks are gorgeous with fantastic finish. The ceramic butter keepers don’t contaminate the butter. Therefore, children can eat the nutritious butter spread in the base of the crock. It is safe when you opt for the ceramic butter dish. However, don’t forget to cover the base with the lid containing the packet of spreadable butter. Finally, at the time of butter storing in this ceramic dishware, you should measure the amount of the butter cube. The container must not be overcrowded with the larger chunks of edible butter. Enjoy by taking green tea with butter toppings to start your day nicely .