How do you list an MBA on a resume?

How do you list an MBA on a resume?

You can opt to include the full name of the degrees, Master of Business Administration, or just the initials. The MBA can be written with periods M.B.A., or without. Depending on how you got your education, you can list your MBA first, or after your school.

What do you call a female alumni?

Alumna. When referring to one female graduate, use the word “alumna.” If you’re talking about a group of female graduates, the correct word is “alumnae.” Example: These alumnae reunited to share memories of their CTX experiences.

What’s another word for alumni?

alumnus. graduate; alumnus; grad; alum; alumna.

Do you have to graduate to call a school your alma mater?

You are an alum from any school that you attended or graduated from (official definition). Alma mater would most often refer to your undergraduate institution in common usage, but strictly speaking it could be the “nourishing mother” of any of your studies, whether you graduated or not.

Who were the first woman BA holders?

Kadambini Ganguly

Who was the first woman BA degree holder?

Chandramukhi Bose

Why are women’s colleges legal?

In the US you are legally “allowed” to discriminate for underserved or underprivileged minorities. Women have long been considered underprivileged when it comes to education and access and were allowed to maintain equivalent colleges. The same way there are black only colleges.