How do you collect serum ferritin?

How do you collect serum ferritin?

Collection Instructions: 1. Serum gel tubes should be centrifuged within 2 hours of collection. 2. Red-top tubes should be centrifuged and the serum aliquoted into a plastic vial within 2 hours of collection.

What is ferritin called on a blood test?

Ferritin is a blood protein that contains iron. A ferritin test helps your doctor understand how much iron your body stores. If a ferritin test reveals that your blood ferritin level is lower than normal, it indicates your body’s iron stores are low and you have iron deficiency. As a result, you could be anemic.

What color tube does an iron panel go in?

Iron Panel (IRON, TRANSFERRIN, TIBC and % SATURATION) Minimum: 3 mL whole blood from light green top tube or ONE Microtainer® for pediatric patients. Avoid hemolysis.

What ICD 10 code covers ferritin?

R79. 89 is a billable/specific ICD-10-CM code that can be used to indicate a diagnosis for reimbursement purposes. 004598: Ferritin | LabCorp.

What color tube is a BMP?

Red-top tube or green-top (lithium heparin) tube is acceptable.

What color tube is magnesium drawn in?

Additional Information: If other metal tests are also desired when drawing for a serum magnesium level; the specimen must be drawn in a plain, royal blue-top Vacutainer plastic trace element blood collection tube (T184).

What can ferritin be used to diagnose?

If a red-top tube is used, transfer separated serum to a plastic transport tube. Refrigerate. Diagnose hypochromic, microcytic anemias. Decreased in iron deficiency anemia and increased in iron overload. Ferritin levels correlate with and are useful in evaluation of total body storage iron.

How long does it take to process a ferritin sample?

(Note: Violent mixing may denature ferritin) Specimen should be processed within 2 hours – See Processing Instructions. Green Tube/Plasma: Centrifuge after collection. Gold Tube/Serum: Allow blood to clot for 30 minutes in a vertical position and centrifuge within 2 hours.

Where is ferritin found in the human body?

Ferritin consists of a protein shell (apoferritin) of 24 subunits surrounding an iron core consisting of up to 4000 ferric iron ions. The majority of ferritin iron stores are found in the liver, spleen, and bone marrow.

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