How do I contact EAP?

How do I contact EAP?

To contact an EAP counselor near your work or home, call 800-222-0364. To access EAP services, call 800-765-3277. To access EAP services, call 888-271-0381. To request a counselor near your work or home, call 800-275-7460.

What is a EAP number?

The Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is a resource for postal employees and their family members designed to help them with on-the-job, personal, or family problems. EAP is a counseling and referral service staffed with mental health professionals. The phone number is 800-EAP-4YOU (1-800-327-4968).

Does Google EAP?

Google offers an Employee Assistance Program including free short term counseling.

What happens when you call EAP?

EAPs provide free, voluntary — or self-referred, short-term — counseling services to employees and their families. As an employee, you can call your EAP program and speak to a counselor either over the phone or in person on a confidential basis — meaning your employer and co-workers do not know about it.

How much is an EAP?

The average annual per-employee cost of an EAP ranges from $12 to $40, representing less than one third of 1% of the average employers’ annual per-employee spending on health insurance at the high end of the market, according to reports by the Employee Assistance Society of North America and the Kaiser Family …

What can an EAP help with?

An employer-sponsored employee assistance plan (EAP) is a work-based intervention program designed to identify and assist employees in resolving personal problems that may be adversely affecting their performance at work, such as marital, financial or emotional problems; family issues; or substance or alcohol abuse.

What can EAP do for me?

The EAP is designed to provide short-term counseling, to simply listen, assist in problem solving, or identify new ways to cope with common, but sometimes painful problems. In general EAPs have expertise in stress reduction counseling, crisis and conflict resolution and substance abuse.

How do I start an EAP business?

Small business owners wishing to start an EAP can do so within a relatively short time.

  1. Locate employee assistance programs.
  2. Compare and select an employee assistance program.
  3. Write an EAP policy explanation.
  4. Hire an onsite EAP professional.
  5. Promote your small business EAP.

Does Google Health insurance cover therapy?

All Googlers have access to excellent healthcare choices. In some locations, we also offer onsite wellness and healthcare services, including physicians, chiropractic, physical therapy, and massage services.

Can I be fired for using EAP?

Taking action, such as termination, against an employee who refuses the EAP referral or does not comply with treatment may result in claims of disability discrimination based on a perceived disability.

Can you trust EAP?

Even though EAP services are confidential, employees are worried that the information may somehow be leaked to management. In fact, EAP participation rates are usually better in companies where the management is deemed trustworthy.

How much does an EAP service cost?

EAP Assist is Australia’s leading EAP Provider with costs as low as $40 p/h being significantly less than all other providers with most charging between $200 to $300 p/h for similar or lesser services.

How can I access my company’s EAP services?

Once an EAP service is in place, employees can independently begin using the company’s EAP services in a variety of ways. The most common ways of accessing EAP resources are noted below. Employees or family members contact the EAP directly either via a phone call or the EAPs website.

Is there an EAP Program for federal employees?

An agency may have an excellent EAP program; however, the stigma associated with mental health support may discourage employees from seeking assistance. Employees need to be reminded that everyone experiences stress, fatigue, and mental overload at times.

What can an EAP telephone consultation do for You?

An EAP telephone consultation is a phone-based service designed to: Help you clarify concerns Help you with problem solving Connect you to appropriate resources

What’s the phone number for the Employee Assistance Program?

EAP telephone consults last 20 to 30 minutes, and are available Monday-Friday between the hours of 8 a.m. and 6 p.m. Eastern time. If you need help after hours, or on the weekend or on a holiday, call your EAP 800 number directly.